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Is there not a standard DB-9 to RJ-45 serial pin out? It seems like every piece of gear is a special snowflake.

Trying to get back on and I get a TL full of pictures. Thanks, now I'm making a sandwich on plain white bread just to spite you.

I love how excited people get when they find out that they share a birthday with someone else.

Like there's probably 20 million people you share it with but people still get hype and that's adorable.

do you ever regret suggesting something because of the suggestions that everyone else gives you? :blob_neutral_face:

There's not a lot of good reasons to shave your face but dressing in drag is one of them.

Having a dining room table might be some rich folk shit but I could get used to sitting while eating.

Seriously. No lasting effects, no real consequences, predictable twists, heroism and villainy.

Finding that someone favorited your toot on Masto: Oh, who is this human!? I like their avatar! Ooh, they seem rad, I'm going to follow them!

Finding that someone favorited your tweet on birbsite: Who is this? Someone likes...oh. SEO, social media marketing guru and brand specialist.

Comic books and movies are just pro wrestling for normies.

Remember when 4K referred to how many bytes of RAM you had, and it meant 4096 instead of 3840?

Pepperidge Farms remembers.

TIL: "Although best known as the bankers lamp today, it was originally called the Emeralite, a combination of emerald and light.

... green was and still is, thought to be psychologically soothing, enhancing concentration and focus.

This belief was prominent in detailed-oriented occupations such as accounting, auditing, and budgeting, all of which are banking activities. Actually, this is the same reason why bankers and accountants often wore those green eyeshades/visors back in the days."

"I was doing well at Mario Kart until suddenly I wasn't." - literally everyone who has played Mario Kart.

PS ban lightning bolt forever.

Friend: *has anxiety attack*

Me: sure glad I don't about anything enough to have anxiety.

Playing Mario Kart with people you love and calling them names is peak Saturday night win.

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