Just above the waistline of your trousers after a walk through the woods

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A fog-filled Noctis Labyrinthus, the three Tharsis Montes, and Olympus Mons imaged by the United Arab Emirates' @HopeMarsMission@twitter.com orbiter on August 9, 2021

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The Thurn-und-Taxis coat of arms looks like when you share the wrong window in a zoom call

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.@PWTooStrong@twitter.com the @USTreasury@twitter.com only lets you type your password with the on-screen keyboard. This is bypassed by just removing the readonly attribute in devtools.

Aaaand the passwords aren't case-sensitive. So I'm guessing they may also be a @plntxtoffenders@twitter.com. Stupid either way.

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especially when "got it" across the rest of the app means "dismiss"

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Discord: "we encourage you to read the updated documents in full" + "got it" CTA.

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We're taking on in the UK media by defunding them and need YOUR support with our first crowdfunder ⬇️

✅ Watch the video below
✅ Head here crowdfunder.co.uk/p/defund-cli
✅ Defund climate denial

Thanks for your support!

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when I start my own wine business I know how I'm going to brand it

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🌡 The decree, published on Tuesday morning, will also stop heating from being raised above 19°C during the winter.


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Japanese researchers have created a hand-held gun that can jam the words of speakers up to 100ft away.

They were looking for a way to stop “louder, stronger” voices from saying more than their fair share in conversation.

The technology triggers human DAF.

It is in use today.

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what I imagine whenever I get an email starting with "please join us for a fireside chat"

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What we are seeing now are massive heatwaves. Thousands of people are dying. We're seeing more drought. We're seeing more extreme weather disturbances. Given that reality, it is literally incomprehensible that we have a Congress which is incapable of acting.

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This is Justine Jones, the newly appointed city manager of Kenly, North Carolina.

After her appointment last week the entire white police department resigned.

Sometimes the trash takes itself out.

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Do you think we’re ever going to be able to meaningfully fix the damage these people have done, or does the momentum of state collapse just keep rolling at this point

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"Our study shows that the risk of incident cardiovascular disease extends well beyond the acute phase of COVID-19"

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