Just above the waistline of your trousers after a walk through the woods

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A fog-filled Noctis Labyrinthus, the three Tharsis Montes, and Olympus Mons imaged by the United Arab Emirates' @HopeMarsMission@twitter.com orbiter on August 9, 2021

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Motherboard has obtained court documents that show Facebook gave police a teenager’s private chats about her abortion. Cops then used those chats to seize her phone and computer.

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"efforts to humanize war with smarter weaponry or sanctify it with moral cant have obscured the task of making peace the first goal of foreign policy" nybooks.com/articles/2022/04/2

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The red thread in science over the past 30 years? (1) Real world disasters confirm the climate science (2) Things are changing faster than expected…Here, worst ever drought in Europe in pictures. Do we need more evidence to act with urgency? The Guardian theguardian.com/environment/ga

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Since 2009, Israel has indicted its sitting prime minster, France has prosecuted and convicted two former presidents, and South Korea has prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned two of its former presidents. All were on corruption charges. It’s not unheard of among democracies.

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The Thurn-und-Taxis coat of arms looks like when you share the wrong window in a zoom call

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Assuming there ever is an "after," Shanghai is going to be scarred like a pox victim with shops, franchises, and entire mall centers that were just deemed "expendable."

It's not going to just be some "suck it up, buttercup" scenario. Lives have been absolutely ruined.

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Occam’s Crypto Corollary: “For every posited blockchain use case, there is a solution that doesn’t use blockchain that is both simpler and less expensive.”

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The inventors of insulin sold the patent for $1. One dollar. Because they knew insulin would save so many lives. One of the 3 inventors, Frederick Banting, wouldn’t even put his name on the patent.

“Insulin does not belong to me, it belongs to the world.”

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My 5-year old daughter: Can I have some matches?
Me: Sweetie, matches are dangerous. Kids can’t play with matches.
My 5-year old daughter: Mom, I’m not going to PLAY with them, I’m going to light fires.

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.@PWTooStrong@twitter.com the @USTreasury@twitter.com only lets you type your password with the on-screen keyboard. This is bypassed by just removing the readonly attribute in devtools.

Aaaand the passwords aren't case-sensitive. So I'm guessing they may also be a @plntxtoffenders@twitter.com. Stupid either way.

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Bridge of Universal Peace: "I speculate it was likely to be caused by man-made conducts and not a natural disaster, the spontaneous combustion of bridge on water is rare." globaltimes.cn/page/202208/127

Fareed Zakaria interviews Mark Liu, chairman of Taiwan's TSMC asking what would happen if PRC attacked Taiwan: edition.cnn.com/videos/tv/2022

Being middle aged is.... every time you type the date and it includes the year, a little voice goes "that can't be right"

"both sides maintain a large troop presence in the border region, raising the risk of potential miscalculation in the event of sudden and unexpected clashes" edition.cnn.com/2022/08/06/ind

Someone should make a mid-length list of things that are being called woke - say 50 items - and let politicians go through a process to check what they are against, specifically, when they are doing "war on woke". Perhaps the same for anti-antifa.

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