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> re-education work must "wash brains, cleanse hearts, support the right, remove the evil (洗脑净心扶正祛邪)".

>To grow up with technology, as my generation has, is to constantly question the self, to split into multiplicities, to try to contain our own contradictions. In “Song of Myself,” Walt Whitman famously said that he contradicted himself. The self, he said, is large, and contains multitudes. But what is contemporary technology if not a mechanism for the containment of multitudes?

George Monbiot: “The oligarchs have discovered the formula for persuading the poor to vote for the interests of the very rich”

"an effort by the Chinese Communist Party to satisfy Chinese people’s search for moral guidelines by supplementing the largely irrelevant ideology of communism with a curated version of the past."

A classic: "But if you stay in Beijing for a while, you will reach a kind of understanding with the old Beijingers. Once you have a richer understanding of them, there is no way to stereotype them."

Mesut Özil row: China's Arsenal fans burn shirts in anger at Xinjiang post - what could possibly go wrong as becomes even stronger and more pugnacious on the global stage?

"Human beings are lost in a cosmos they cannot account for and therefore driven toward the transcendentalisms that articulate the wonder, awe, and anxiety they encounter in approaching Being."

TIL "the solstice, traditionally celebrated as the "shortest day of the year" in terms of hours of daylight, actually doesn't have the earliest sunset in some places"

Wow, is using their Great Firewall to inject a malicious JavaScript into passing HTTP traffic to attempt to DDoS (a Hong Kong pro-democracy forum):

"Conservative donor gatherings...Most of the attendees are there only because they are not smart enough to recognize that the Democratic Party offers a far more effective reputation laundering service. The rest are probably too senile to know where they are at all."

Hierarchical business org charts are the least organic thing you can imagine, so they should definitely not be referred to as "organigrams"

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