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>Zhaopin said this week that around 10 per cent of firms they surveyed were โ€œon the verge of deathโ€, with around 30 per cent planning job cuts and another 30 per cent saying they could not pay their employees on time...

โ€œYou wonโ€™t make it to Beijing. The city will be sealed off before you get there. Now take care, safety first!โ€

home quarantine exit rules vary greatly. Larger cities Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen you can't go out at all, only order groceries in.

Local housing, roads, grocery stores have separate guards. Temp check, face mask required, must log date/time.

Smaller cities allow people to go to work, go to the grocery store, pharmacy. All other stores closed.

Some cities require people to get a personal QR code with local gov't, used to access home, stores.

The "local timeline" in Mastodon provides a fascinating approach like a reverse Twitter: you follow everyone except for the ones you mute. Great for discovery (unlike social media 'smart' algorithms)

I want to start a synth band called Infinite Snooze

>The Kremlin said on Wednesday (29 January) that President Vladimir Putin had no view on a proposal that would see his job description change to Supreme Ruler from head of state after a government commission said it was considering the idea.

>During the SARS outbreak, it took scientists about five months to sequence the virus; it was done by the US and Canadian scientists. It took Chinese scientists one month to sequence 2019-nCoV.

>A group of online archivists have created an open-access directory of 5000+ scientific studies about that anyone can access for free: โ€˜Itโ€™s illegal, but itโ€™s also a moral imperative.โ€™

Chinese govt spokesman to Reuters: "the (virus) situation doesn't look likely to be contained by March"

"That desire is at the heart of why diseases such as avian flu in poultry and ASF have been so difficult to eradicate, with huge movements of live animals from all over the country โ€“ from farm to slaughterhouse to market โ€“ on a daily basis making controlling the spread of disease incredibly difficult."

Yeah, #Zhongnanhai, great effort: That new #Wuhan-type #Coronavirus has not been contained or brought under control, and next week will see a peak of travelling activity within #China due to their #NewYear. This is a recipe for a perfect spreading of the virus.

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