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Location-tracking wristbands required on all incoming travelers to Hong Kong - The government says the wristband isn't privacy-invading because it won't track your location, per... more: #electronicwristband #locationtracking #uncategorized #quarantine #law&order #covid-19 #hongkong #privacy #rfid

"86% of all infections were undocumented... undocumented infections were the infection source for 79% of documented cases"

"The Hohenzollerns were by no means unrepresentative. Crucial to Hitler’s ascent to power was a coalition between the Nazis and Germany’s old conservative elites, who hoped they could use and control him for their own ends"

The Trump administration's peace deal with the Taliban opens the door for an initial American troop withdrawal that Defense Secretary Mark Esper sees as a step toward the broader goal of preparing for potential future war with China. 

#News #AP #China #Taliban #Trump

Full-List of bots:

>Looking at these photographs, you feel as though you’re witnessing the preliminary survey of an unknown planet—a close flyby revealing traces of abandoned alien activity. Except that the aliens are us and the planet, to use Oppen’s words, “is / Impenetrably ours.”

>The is a metaphor for two political ideas that are incompatible with the realities of the modern world: China’s Communist Party and

Xu Zhangrun “When Fury Overcomes Fear”
>a system that turns every natural disaster into an even greater man-made catastrophe

>A survey of 995 small and midsize companies conducted by Tsinghua University and Peking University after the outbreak began showed the vast majority couldn’t survive for more than three months with their current savings. About a third said they could survive for only one month, another third said they could survive for two months, and 17.91% said they could last three months.

>Zhaopin said this week that around 10 per cent of firms they surveyed were “on the verge of death”, with around 30 per cent planning job cuts and another 30 per cent saying they could not pay their employees on time...

home quarantine exit rules vary greatly. Larger cities Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen you can't go out at all, only order groceries in.

Local housing, roads, grocery stores have separate guards. Temp check, face mask required, must log date/time.

Smaller cities allow people to go to work, go to the grocery store, pharmacy. All other stores closed.

Some cities require people to get a personal QR code with local gov't, used to access home, stores.

The "local timeline" in Mastodon provides a fascinating approach like a reverse Twitter: you follow everyone except for the ones you mute. Great for discovery (unlike social media 'smart' algorithms)

I want to start a synth band called Infinite Snooze

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