Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie premieres January 5 on YTV! (I must say, the air times are awful... 9:00 AM with an encore at 1:30 PM. On a Friday.)

Wow... some of my followers are on servers that don't exist anymore.

How did we get to the point where effectively, there's only like, 3 web browsers, and they all really really really really really suck?

I'm not sure when they premiered or how far along. Seems they're currently repeating series 2. They're at least up to episode 19.

Oh, it seems much of Sarah & Duck series 3 has already aired in Australia!

Or rather if I did go to Italy I'd probably be laughed at for speaking half-Spanish.

I seriously keep mixing Spanish words into my Italian I can never go to Italy

I love that bobsleigh is apparently Bobfahrt in German... Bob fart.

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