Hello World! Unfortunately mastodon.rocks went down so we moved to Framapiaf. Take note of this new official #UBports account and follow us now to get the latest news about #UbuntuTouch and #Unity8!

Zorin OS has a beautiful desktop environment that lets you choose different layouts. youtu.be/3RgnAnF34k4

I was using dash to panel extension on gnome but switched back to stock dash and moved it to the bottom. Looks cleaner than ever and paired it with pop dark theme #gnome #linux #manjaro

I have now completely moved from my to a smartphone with /e/. I must say that I'm terribly happy and proud to work with such a great team!
Appart some glitches/missing things all working fine! And UX better than


Peertube finally has notifications for comments and such 👍

If you already have access to the f-droid repository get New Pipe as a replacement for YouTube. It's basically free YouTube Red with no ads or tracking. Yay!

This is today's gift for being a greater part of the #FOSS movement!

We all love the #fediverse.

Make 2019 the year you contribute back - make plans to volunteer or donate monthly to the fediverse projects you use.

The more resources we have, the more fighting we can do for you, for our future, and the more progress we can make taking back the social web from harmful proprietary options like facebook and twitter.
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