dear . is there a smart solution to integrate my @nextcloud instance as media storage for my Wordpress blog? both self hosted, if that matters. basically i want to import/store my photos on Nextcloud, but publish them on Wordpress, without the download/upload hassle. thaaaanks!

It won't be possible if you use encryption for your NC. Because then then you need NC to decrypt it. If you don't use that, you could symlink the NC's data/user/photos to /wordpress/uploads/... and having a gallery that looks actively for changes in the directory.

@tobi @nextcloud thanks for the answer... indeed i use encryption and didn't think of this being a possible problem. maybe a plugin that grants access to a folder?... maybe a bounty case :)

I'm not sure about that. Maybe asking @nextcloud how to decrypt on the backend, if that even is possible.

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