Interesting read about Pixelfed: by @gergolippai. It's odd that I'm already that long on the Fediverse but never took a closer look at #pixelfed.

Seems to be an interesting blog as well. Mayhap missing #Webmention support but I'll happily sub to the feed :)


@bekopharm thx for the shoutout - and now webmention is also installed ;)

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@gergolippai Sadly the #Webmention is not working. #Cloudflare fucks is up thinking it's spam.


So Cloudflare is once again breaking the WEB

@bekopharm damn it. it already (partially) broke my wp admin... maybe it's time to uncloud(flare)...

@gergolippai while this is always a good idea it may also be some hardening done by plugin or webserver mod. Hard to tell from the outside. I can give to some pointers if you want.

@bekopharm nah i know exactly what it is. it's a combination of wpmu, cheapo letsencrypt certificates and cloudflare actually :)
i can admin perfectly from my wpmu addresses, so it's not a BaU blocker.
but thanks anyway :)

@gergolippai hope you can sort it out. Let me know what it was please. This may be important information for others.

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