If math is right, I've used this gif 6 times today in various responses.

Haha Instagram, well done, what a fast response 🤣

Monsoon season has started in Amsterdam, I haven't seen my rain app show this ever before. Torrential.

RB rendszámos fehér Skoda Octavia, reflexszerűen lassítottam le, eltartott egy ideig míg rájöttem hogy holland rendszám, ráadásul nem is gyorshajtok 😅

Figyeldoda, eredeti zőccséges merci! És ha megnézed közelről, benne van a Turbana doboz is!

Beton the cat has had an exhausting crossword puzzle solving day

Annoying bug in Google Photos on iOS: can't save or share the photo because "it's syncing". It's been syncing for the last week, so it'll finish any time now! 😤🤣

Mastodon : if you want to migrate to/from a different Mastodon instance, simply go to Settings > Profile > "Move to a different account" (bottom of the page) - or simply to [your old instance]/settings/migration on the instance where you are migrating *from*.
There you can "redirect" your account to your new Mastodon account, and it will look smth like this:


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