I wonder what happens when iOS UI Bug Airplane hits the clock there... getting awfully close!
(Note: The phone is *not* in airplane mode.)

Mildly excited about this game. And that's a lot, coming from me

the new design of Google Keep objects hard against smth called "tes"... or just bad kerning.

I'm astonished btw that the iPhone 7's camera was ever considered good. But hey, here's a picture of my cat.

help me understand this. it's serverless, but needs 154 data centers to run. what exactly is in those data centers, little response gnomes that read Andrew S Tanenbaum books?

Current status: achievement unlocked (now can i please sleep)

In which or hero goes out AGAIN to enjoy this late Dutch summer, but also includes a photo of a cat of a bookshelf in a restaurant for people who like cats on bookshelves in restaurants

After retiring from the FBI, Agent Mulder decided to keep a low profile.

Oh nice, scanning directly to Nextcloud! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

If math is right, I've used this gif 6 times today in various responses.

Haha Instagram, well done, what a fast response 🀣

Monsoon season has started in Amsterdam, I haven't seen my rain app show this ever before. Torrential.

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