happy being stuck at home with 2 sick kids alone as a sick father's day.

@kev worth adding a note on enabling e2e encryption right after install. without that on a shared hosting setup basically you are putting your data at the mercy of sysadmins of the host... so without encryption you can consider using a shared host equal to making your content public.

It’s not without irony that the Chinese scientist playing god by creating CRISPR babies is called He. (Full name is He Jiankui, but still funny.)

I wonder: how do i find a job in the sustainability industry (or at least with a company with sustainable values), where the work culture is not toxic/misogynistic/unhealthy, and that pays well too. These jobs have to be out there somewhere.

Purely along musicality concerns I’m not sure if teaching my daughter play the guitar using Rage Against the Machine is good parenting or not. To your counter question, obviously the first album.

This week, we have a very uncommon onion roots shirt available to you for a $41 donation. This is a favorite color among Tor contributors.

Just write in '41' into the other box on the donate page, and it's yours. donate.torproject.org

@gergolippai a little backstory here: when LotR first came out I emailed this friend at work asking if she wanted to come to the cinema and watch it. Not knowing what LotR stood for, she started guessing. Her best guess was “Look out train race” :)

dads: waking up at 6 AM is good for you

dads whenever they stop moving for more than 5 minutes:

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