need a distraction so: boost this & i'll handwrite one of your toots.

Search the databases of Trump political appointees' resumes and discover their undisclosed conflicts of interest

Fun mastodon client on my desktop:

Usually I use my phone for mastodon, the desktop client is rather heavy, and I'm not a fan. But brutaldon is a great alternative! It's fast, minimal, and you can make it look like an old terminal. Installation (on Linux) is 5 minutes. It's python and django.


If math is right, I've used this gif 6 times today in various responses.


ok, if people walk next to us, we gotta run away. it's what we do. as soon as you see someone within like three feet of you, book it

*other cats jot this down in their... cat notebooks? whatever*

cat, continued:

k but the thing is, and make an asterisk here, if they're trying to step OVER you, or walk in the path you're laying in, don't move. demand control. that is your spot & you should never leave even long after they've passed

*cats writing this down also, one scratches its head*

it must have been 1 week since i looked at social media. i feel like i have to start reading it from the very beginning.

The installer and updater commands will make setting up and maintaining an instance very easy! :pixelfed:

Today I've decided to delay the alpha release and focus on getting federation done (the next step). If it's a federated project at least it should federate :blobcat:

โ€œNASA Has Discovered Arctic Lakes Bubbling With Methaneโ€”and Thatโ€™s Very Bad Newsโ€


@kobak @asszem @MKBHD a @pixelfed teljesen mas teszta, egyelore lenyegeben alpha, meg federacio sincs, viszont nagyon igeretes. a mastodon mar eleg mature imo, ott a lassu fejlodes/utkereses-megtalalas a kovetkezo feladat.
es nalam spec forditott a helyzet: Mastodon kliens fent van a telefonon, twitter nincs :)

Pretty crazy to think a Facebook project ( allows Twitter to fetch a pixelfed image and display it inside a tweet card.

I don't think Twitter supports IG images anymore though lol.

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