One thing people don't give @Gargron much credit for is the mastodon api.

He basically set the standard for open mobile APIs on the fediverse.

We all owe him a beer or two 🍻

No better time to abandon #Photoshop and start using #FLOSS for your creative endeavors!

Glimpse a future free from the capitalist oppressors of creative freedom!

We can finally move away from the depressingly tone deaf named #GIMP and embrace #Glimpse!

Please help join the #hypetrain!

I blag about the 2 “go”-s that don’t end in “ogle”: duckduckgo and herewego (in English this time):

Ok now i know in theory how to replace the fog lights on my Volvo. Time to fuck it up in practice!

@gergolippai he (actually, could as well be a she, not assuming any wasp genders here) flew to a nearby plant so he/she/they can eat it without the human distraction. that's where i shot this picture with telemacro.

@gergolippai we left a piece (like, 20x4 mm) of salmon on the table for this little dude. he came, CHEW IT IN HALF AND FLEW AWAY WITH ONE HALF. mind = blown. nature is awesome.

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