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current status: wondering where i put my old (like pre 2010) documents.thought they were in my nextcloud, but no. also not in old google drive. 🤔

dear , which is the best online planning poker app you know of?

practice guitar/singing in the bathroom. MUCH better acoustics, you'll like your voice a lot more.

"Why don't they use liquid luck to make more liquid luck"

Checkmate JKR

current status: cancer free for 3 years today 💪💪💪

After retiring from the FBI, Agent Mulder decided to keep a low profile.

After retiring from the FBI, Agent Mulder decided to keep a low profile.

Motherfuck the GasBuddy privacy policy at

If you access the Service through a mobile device [...] we will also automatically collect information about your driving habits, including, but not limited to, driving distance, speed, acceleration and braking habits (collectively, “Driving Data”). Such collection occurs even if you are not logged in to the Service. [...] GasBuddy may share your Driving Data as described [...].

a poszt amiben kijelentem hogy "gonba", és saját készítésű animgifet is bevetek. amúgy egy kirándulás fotóit mutatom be:

can't exactly explain why any more, but Therapy? is still one of my favorite bands, since i was like 15. and now they have a new album out. my day is made!

Raining the whole day so far 👉 "I'll not be running today in this weather 👉 eat a huge lunch 👉 feel like a manatee 👉 sun just came out 👉 feel like a regretful manatee (but will run eventually)


lmao - love masto, always open-source
omg - our mod @Gargron
wtf - welcome to fediverse
imho - instance moderation & hosting opportunities
smfh - so many furries here
idgaf - I decentralized; gotta avoid facebook

status: heating season has started in .nl 🌧️ 🌬️ 🍂

Search the databases of Trump political appointees' resumes and discover their undisclosed conflicts of interest

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