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should be a must read for all Europeans (not saying Hungarians... majority of the population only speaks/reads Hungarian.)

It happened there: how democracy died in Hungary - Vox

#Peertube beta 12 have now subscriptions! This feature will be added to #P2Play in next versions.

It's impossible to read the internet today without being flooded with iPhone news. I'm off to listen to some History on Fire. Mexico series kicks ass!

For everybody disappointed with today result in the European Parliament on A8-0245/2018 aka as Voss report on copyright reform please note:

1. The thing is not over yet
2. A lot can be done lobbying your local government
3. Just repeating buzzwords does not work
4. Use this opportunity to learn it all works: co-decision procedure, voting list, amendments ...

... because is still the best thing that could happen to the European Union.

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Nextcloud rolls out updates incrementally, that is, it can take some time until you get notified of the new version. If you don't want to wait, switch to the Beta channel, reload the page, update and set it back to stable!

Looks like it's time to sacrifice the Google keyboard on the altar of AI...

Choosing the perfect GIF could get a lot easier with Gboard

Looks like it's time to fuck up the Google keyboard to
Choosing the perfect GIF could get a lot easier with Gboard

The other day, I started wondering whose toots I've favorited most oftenโ€”mostly as a "scientific" way to figure out who to feature on my profile.

One weekend-coding project later, and I can now share an app with all of you: the Tool for Tabulating Thirty Top Tooters (#t5, for short).

It scans all the toots you've every favorited and ranks the top thrifty people who you've favorited most often. It's #freeSoftware and I hope you all enjoy!


The future is here today : you can't play Bach on Facebook because Sony says they own his compositions

James Rhodes, a pianist, performed a Bach composition for his Facebook account, but it didnโ€™t go up โ€” Facebookโ€™s copyright filtering system pulled it down and accused him of copyright infringement because Sony Music Global had claimed that they owned 47 secondsโ€™ worth of his personal performance of a song whose composer has (...)

Historians, or anyone interested in pop culture! This is the coolest thing I've seen on the web in years. Radiooooo, the musical time machine. Pick a decade, pick a country and sample what was on the airwaves at that time. Truly amazing project!
#history #historodons #beforemoderntimes

hogy Svรฉdorszรกgban a "fika" az a dรฉlutรกni kรกvรฉszรผnet.

Stuff I hope to push in the next hour or two:

IG import,
S3/Minio support,
DangerZone (sudo mode),
various bugfixes

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