Je me sens surtout paresseux aujourd’hui. J’ai deux billets de blogue qu’il faut que je traduise en anglais avant de les publier mais honnêtement j’ai pas envie… pourquoi la plupart de mes lecteurs sont anglophones pourquoiii 😆

Among other things this morning I'm working on my next blog post that I'm hoping will be up (in FR and EN) in the next day or so. Bandes déssinées time!!!

writing sprint: so far it’s been 2% writing, and 98 % scrolling twitter without actually reading anything / staring at the café wall / replaying the same song over and over...

oh shit I haven't looked at Mastodon in a week again.

ok, well here are some blog updates:

my uncensored first thoughts about avengers endgame:

aaaaand a new blog post about some personal developments this past winter. winter is endless, but spring is looking up!

All right! I'm at 500 words!! Thank goodness. That took so long because I'm so tired. I'm going to really reach for another 200 and then take a break.

Okay I knew I was going to take the day off but I actually feel like getting a little bit of writing done for my next blog post. I'm at 237 words right now and I'd like to get to like... 600 or even 700? I would be happy with that!

Maybe my Mastodon could be an extension of my twitter hashtag? I could keep my Mastodon mainly as a writing log and motivational tool to keep me on track.

My one goal for today is to finish up some writing that's been haunting me. Probably not for public consumption yet. I have to finish it.

If I'm halfway through a piece or struggling with writing, it bashes around my brain like a wrecking ball for weeks, days, months.

I would like to move onto Other Things now.

It's is 4:56AM I cannot sleep and I am writing and I have 600 words of this essay done.

Writing update: my essay on Night In The Woods, animism, mental health, and paganism is coming soon. Going to try finishing it for tonight.


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