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Charles Adlai

Hey guys! My name is Nico and I'm trans & Autistic, I recently got fired from my job at chick-fil-a, which I hated but needed to survive. They fired me for having a meltdown, which i warned them would happen if they put me on dining room, but they did anyway. I am now unable to pay my Rent and bills or afford food, if anyone could donate to my paypal that would be super helpful (please ignore my dead name on my paypal)

I also do art commissions

MRW I realize that Avengers: Infinity War comes out on April 27th - before Kim Jong Un and Trump meet in late May - so I can at least see that before I die by nuclear annihilation

I need a mandolin I can run through my pedal board

I’m going to attempt rhymes with depth, all day. I’ll probably be tooting a bunch.

What does your favorite song say about you?

Ugh, St. Patrick’s Day on a Saturday... gonna be a long night of playing Danny Boy and other songs I haven’t played in a year.

I hate hate hate waiting to hear back from booking agents

I’m old and part of me is jealous that kids these days get to be LoFi on purpose

I've got some originals up for sale! More to come, my perfectionism kicked in for prepping and mounting them all. UK, shipping worldwide. Will make some prints later for smaller budgets when I get a computer! -

Hey guys. My mom made a gofundme for the move. If any of you can donate even a dollar, I'll be extremely grateful.

You can also boost this if you can't help out money-wise. I'd appreciate it.

I'm lowering the price of originals from $45 to $35, includes shipping, US Only, no frames included, PayPal only

GUYS I NEED TO SELL THESE. I'm without a job and I'm trying to help my friend Nancy with her five month old daughter Luna until she's able to land a job.
This is as low as I can afford to go. If you can't help please spread.

When you’re socially awkward, trying to be polite can come across as serial killer creepy

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm a writer on deadline and thus may seem distracted and distant
But I still love you

Working on some cheesy riffs while my daughter dances. I’m gonna finish out the summer playing the gigs I’ve got booked then I’m switching to kids music.

Hey guys! I'm moving interstate, so it's time for a huge moving sale! All prints are half price until feb 6!

Posters $12.00 –> now $6.00
Prints $8.00 –> now $4.00
Mini Prints $4.00 –> now $2.00

Even if you don't want anything, RTs are super appreciated! Thank you!

It’s wild how cluttered your life can become when you’re not paying attention. It’s time for a purge.