It’s a fine day when I get to jam with these fellows

It’s a fine, rainy day. Good day for organizing things.

RT Beyond heartwarming.
10-year-old Tybre Faw traveled 7 hours to see his hero, Democratic Rep. John Lewis, who was in Selma, AL to commemorate the 1965 march for civil rights.
Lewis then invited Tybre to march with him toward the Edmund Pettus Bridge. ✊🏿


The band has a birthday party gig tonight. It’s our last cover band gig aside from the occasional wedding or other purely money-making deal. I’m sick as hell. Can’t cancel. Have to drive 6 hours after. But if I survive, it’s still all uphill! But life is good, and I get to be an artist now.

Happy "@Jack Did Something Shitty and Everyone on Twitter Remembers Their Masto Logins" Day!

Bull. Shit. // America's top 50 newspapers published a total of 760 articles mentioning “extreme heat, heat waves, record heat, or record temperatures” this year.

Only 134 of them, or about 18 percent, mentioned climate change or global warming.

Who’s got good folk music festival recommendations to play summer 2019

So now I have had to start putting some time into making the studio tidy enough to accommodate everything. The tier moved from the corner which made a better place for my guitar setup.

Well, I forgot about my account here cuz I’ve been so busy. It’s the right kind of busy, but I’m so far behind on everything. So to my handful of followers, happy Friday.

RT In the 1930s queer clubs & spaces were vulnerable to police raids. Makeup was seen as a sign of effeminacy & therefore homosexuality. Police would use blotting paper to test for powder & rouge. Until this file I had never seen that paper survive.

Dust, stars, and cosmic rays swirling around Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, captured by the Rosetta probe

I lift weights so one day I will be enough to throw this printer through a brick wall.

I leave the dumbbells next to it to scare it in the meantime.

Anyone who has experienced a printer knows my need for 1980s VHS STREET JUSTICE.

Today: 13.5kg(x2) dumbbell squats 4 sets of 7 reps. Not my finest but it's a step onwards.

Want Words On A Wall for less than half price? Order now on Amazon!

friendly reminder to fact-check everything you read online. anyone can write anything these days for publicity, and it's more than ever important that you make sure that they cite their sources properly, and from reputable ones too.

when i get leo pregnant its over for all yall

Hey! I just released the first version of #mastodon share button. It tested it on Firefox, Opera and Chromium. It does not work on Internet Explorer.

It my first release on Github, don't hesitate to give me your opinion if you want. 🤗

Bisou bisou.

#mastodon #share #button #msb #javascript #opensource #release

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