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Trying to promote myself and my music while performing and creating content... well.

I included a txt document with my game that explains how to pronounce the characters' names knowing that absolutely no one would read it

Today feels kind of special to me! It's the first release of my own label inharmony Music!!
Andrew Rayel - Mass Effect 🔥

Did my best impression of Hank Williams in Tower of Song last night. This cough is never ending.

This summer is going to busy with gigs at festivals and bars, July is totally booked. Now to fill in the gaps between February and April. Got that wintertime musician blues.

Put out an EP this year, managed to just get a decent band together. 2018 looks pretty good in that respec.

I’m trying to stay positive about the end of net neutrality. My music sales were just starting to pickup. If they charge more for streaming services I’m going to lose that source of income.

I’m cynical today, that last toot was a result. I’m off to host open mic night at my favorite neighborhood bar, I hope you’re all getting to do something you enjoy this evening!

I like it here, let’s all relish this before it gets ugly

Any singers out there use external processors (compressor, gate, etc) for recording? I’m a loud mouth and I’m having trouble capturing dynamics in my recordings.

A band I've been playing with for a couple of years decided last night to pack it in - we all recognised that the creative "dry spell" we've been going through probably isn't going to break any time soon.

So, in honour of THE SUNRISE SET calling it a day, here's a 2-minute aural slap to the chops that we like to call "Man Of The Spear":

Do you make comics? We want your help! We are publishing an anthology comic next year in aid of Trauma charities. We are asking for stories of between 1 and 24 panels!

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