Back in 2014 @RickWarren from @Saddleback delivered a practical sermon called “Learn How to Recognize God’s Voice” in which he talked about seven ways you can test an impression to know with absolute certainty you are hearing God’s voice.

If you need to make a decision, and you've done what you can to hear God's Voice, but now you want to make sure you're hearing God and only God clearly, check out the “Message Action Plan” or MAP for this sermon to see “the 7 ways to test an impression.”

How to Recognize God’s Voice With Certainty: 7 Ways to Test an Impression

How Do I Know When the Voice or Idea in My Mind Is From God, Not the Devil?

Test Your Thoughts. Be Sure They Pass All 7 Ways.

Proverbs 14:12, GNT

1 John 4:1, TLB

John 7:17, MSG

1/7 Does it agree with the Bible?

Does this line up with what God has already said? Is this in harmony with the Word of God?

God is consistent. Truth never changes. His Word is eternal. He won't contradict Himself.

Luke 21:33, NIV

Galatians 1:8, NLT

2/7 Does it make me more like Christ?

Would Jesus Think or Do this? Feel or Act this way?

Jesus is the Standard. Character over comfort.

WWJD, “What would Jesus do?” is a good question.

Philippians 2:5, NCV

2 Corinthians 10:5, GW

James 3:14-17, NIV

3/7 Does my church family confirm it?

What do other mature believers who are trying to follow Jesus, and live life the way God wants us to, say about this? Do they confirm it? Am I listening?

Ephesians 3:10, NIV

Proverbs 11:9, GNT

Proverbs 11:14b, KJV

4/7 Is it consistent with how God SHAPEd me?

Did God make & equip (form) me for this? Will my actions align with His purpose for my life? What am I good at?

Spiritual Gifts

Ephesians 2:10, NIV

Romans 12:6a, LB

5/7 Does it concern my responsibility?

Am I focusing on the instructions God is giving me to change me? Will I risk discrediting God's work by stepping into the Holy Spirit's role for another?

John 21:22, NIV

Romans 14:4, NIV

Romans 14:10, 13 Phillips

6/7 Is it convicting rather than condemning?

Is this specific/clear or general/vague? Am I mistaking low self-esteem for God's voice? Will this glorify Him or minimize sin? Is He good or bad news?

Romans 8:1 NLT

Revelation 3:19 AMP

Revelation 12:10 NIV

7/7 Do I sense God’s Peace about it?

Is it confusing or encouraging? Have I refused to do what God's been asking me to do? Is this trying to drive me compulsively or compassionately?

1 Corinthians 14:33, NIV

Philippians 4:6-7, NLT

Proverbs 22:17, TLB

Do you believe you've heard God's Voice? Need to be absolutely sure?

Here's How to Recognize God’s Voice With Certainty: 7 Ways to Test (or Filter) an Impression

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7 Questions to Confirm It's Really God’s Voice

All 7 Must Pass 👀

1 Agree with the Bible?

2 Make me more like Christ?

3 My church family confirm it?

4 Consistent with how God SHAPEd me?

5 Concern my responsibility?

6 Convicting or condemning?

7 Sense God’s Peace about it?

Q. What if I could hear God clearly before, but I can't now?

The transmission is fuzzy, the lines are jammed, the message is muted; it's not getting through.

A. You've allowed sin to come between you and God. Pull out that blockage to hear Him again.

Q. What if I've never heard or felt God speak in my entire life?

A. The reason you don't hear is that you don't belong to God.

You can have churchianity without christianity, religion without relationship.

You can change that right now.

John 8:47, NIV

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