How to Hear God’s Voice - 4 Simple Action Steps

1 Consume: Listen to & read the Protestant Bible

2 Pray: Have two-way conversations with God

3 Write: Jot down what you believe God is or might be telling you

4 Talk: Converse with at least 2 others regularly doing these 4 steps

Have you ever thought about what you need to do to hear God's voice? The actual action steps required? What if it were simple? A lot of people don't have a solid answer to this question. Now, you, do.

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Some Whys Behind My 4 Simple Action Steps for Hearing God’s Voice

Consume: Swap your thoughts & values for God's. His way before yours.

Pray: Don't just ask; listen. Not just here or there; often.

Write: Clarity. Proof of His Goodness.

Talk: Separate God's voice from others'.

Notes on My 4 Simple Action Steps for Hearing God’s Voice

These are not the only ways to hear God's voice. Fasting is another step. That said; life experience often shows people have trouble hearing clearly when they don't do at least these 4 things. Do them all, not just a few.

Why Listen to God’s Voice?

Because He's...

* for you

* only offering good things; blessings

* the ultimate gentleman; He offers, not forces anything on you

* With one hand He offers you blessings, with the other instructions to receive those blessings

* All good is from Him

Tips for Consuming the Bible Well in Order to Hear God’s Voice.

How often do you want to hear God's voice? Do you want less or more blessing?

Match how often you consume God's Word with your desire to receive blessing.

Fall asleep to, Wake up to, Think about it through the day

Tips for Praying Well

Get ready to talk with, not at God.

A) Posture / Attitude check.

B) Focus; look to Him. No distractions.

C) Give Him your heart.

“Yes Lord, I will do what you want, when & how you want it.”

Moody? Can't do or say that? Talk with God about your can'ts.

Tips for Writing Well

Journal “Requests, Character, & Characters.”

1 your requests,

2 what you notice God's already revealed about His own character, &

3 how the characters in the Bible handled their circumstances.

Emphasize patterns you see & explain why you think that way.

Tips for Talking With Others 1/2


* Answer: Can I trust me with them?

* Look for people you know, from different circles, who are surrendered to God & don't know each other, but know you.

* Remain open to “random” conversations with people you did not consider at first.

Tips for Talking With Others 2/2

How / What to Talk About

* The best years of your life are your most surrendered years.

* Don't sell or seek affirmation; seek to change your ways of thinking.

* Ask to be heard, share patterns making you think it's God, then wait for feedback

What Does God’s Voice Sound or Look Like?

God's voice is an impression deep in our spirit.

We don't normally hear God's voice directly with our ears.


Inspiration- How God guided men to write Scripture.

Prompting- How God convicts, guides, assures, & gives wisdom.

Is It Even Possible to Hear God’s Voice? 1/2

Yes. God created humans in His image.

He is three equal persons in one being. God the Father, God the Son, & God the Holy Spirit. In the Trinity, God speaks to God and God listens.

Like our Maker we can 1 speak & 2 hear, then listen

Is It Even Possible to Hear God’s Voice? 2/2

Through the Holy Spirit's prompting, we come to The Son. By Trusting Jesus we are reunited with and receive special instructions from our Heavenly Father.

Discover the Story of Reality & What You’re Missing:

RT @getraf
“If you're a Christian, this is your story. If you're not, this is also your story, because this isn’t a religious fairytale. This is the Story of the way things really are.”…

Do I Need to Hear God’s Voice?

Yes. God designed humans to live primarily by His Clear & Perfect Voice.

While conscience helps with right/wrong, good/bad, it gets confused.

God has secret, strategic, personalized guidance that is only shared with you:

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God has secrets & strategy

His Word is shared with everybody. His personal guidance of you is only shared with somebody, u.

ILLUSTRATION - The football rule book vs a team…

How Can I Be Certain I Heard God’s Voice?

Test the thought. It is possible to be sure God said that.

Biblical principles & precepts communicate we should test what's in our minds to make sure there's no pollution there.

Here's How To Test Impressions:

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Do you believe you've heard God's Voice? Need to be absolutely sure?

Here's How to Recognize God’s Voice With Certainty: 7 Ways to Test (or Filter) an Impression


Help! I Still Can’t Hear God’s Voice. 1/2

Two big reasons you may not be able to hear God:

1) You've allowed sin to come between you and God.

2) You don't belong to God.

To learn more about these reasons & what to do:


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Q. What if I've never heard or felt God speak in my entire life?

A. The reason you don't hear is that you don't belong to God.

You can have chu…

Help! I Still Can’t Hear God’s Voice. 2/2

1) To hear God, you need to see Him as He really is. Who is God, to you? Judge? Savior?

2) Before God can change you, you need to change your mind about Him (repent).

Learn more:


RT @getraf
A while back @PsRobertMorris delivered an insightful sermon on a word lots of people think is scary; repentance.

He says “Don't let a preacher…

What Happens if I Choose Not to Listen to God’s Voice? 1/3

Because God is Who He is, He Loves you gently, by name. He freely chooses not to force you to receive His blessings so He limits Himself & won't change His mind about your freedom (even though He is all-powerful; He can)

What Happens if I Choose Not to Listen? 2/3

God wants you to reciprocate; to love Him back with your own free will.

It is loving to remind someone high up that we ignore gravity at our own peril.

You may not want to hear but yes; what God, Creator of all says does apply to you

What Happens if I Choose Not to Listen? 3/3

You will then follow the desires of your sinful nature; a selfish life with all the negative consequences that kind of living brings.

Do you want to live envious of other people's blessings?

Galatians 5:19-21

Will God Take Revenge on Me or Mine if I Choose Not to Listen?

No. God is Perfect Love. Love has no fear. See: 1 John 4:7-21 It is described in 1 Corinthians 13.

If God did not protect your freedom to choose & the consequences your choices bring; you would not have any freedom.

What Does God Want From Me?

He wants to be YOUR Heavenly Father. To Lovingly Provide for you because you're choosing to live your life relying on His Grace (Jesus as your Savior & everything that means). He wants you to hear, listen, & do what He says.

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If I could only share one last thing, something True to Reality, not just true to me or you, I'd want you to know in your heart, not just with your head, something that's sim…

What Does God Want to Give Me?

He wants to meet your 4 basic needs

Knowing you
are loved & needed by others.
are individually significant & special.
are well protected & provided for.
have a reason for living.

& more

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What Are the Four Basic Needs of a Human Being?

These answers come from the Marriage on the Rock book. See

Section 1…

Why Am I Still Scared or Terrified to Hear God’s Voice? 1/3

Control; a lack of surrender because of pride.

If you're self-honest, you may realize you want to get & keep control, not give it away to anyone. Not even to One who's proven Himself Trustworthy, Faithful & Capable.


Listening to God is like saying you believe. If that were really true; you'd choose to live like what He says is true. Especially because you want Him to handle your fear, doubt, & unbelief.

Psychologist @jordanbpeterson on what truly believing does:

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What a great example of a personal, beautiful faith journey lived authentically.

Here's @jordanbpeterson going from an intellectual understanding in 2017 to a more persona…


Why would you *want* to hear the voice of someone you do not trust? To hear God, you need to want to hear Him.

Trusting God requires you freely surrender your pride by giving Him control over YOUR decisions, life, & the lives of those you care about

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Have you thought about getting to know God? Like, really knowing Him? Not just knowing some things about Him? Not just believing that He exists, but having a deeper unders…

Help! I’m Having Trouble Surrendering My Pride, Giving God Control, or Trusting Him. 1/2

No one can do any of those things without first accepting God's Grace- His undeserved Favor- the gift of His Son Jesus, what Christ did for us, that we might be able (equipped) to respond.



Approach, ask God to give you revelation (the ability to see). Ask that you better understand what His True Love & Grace mean for you.

Focus on receiving only from Him instead of trying to do what you think or feel is right for anyone. Favor comes first, obedience follows.

What Does Fear Have to Do With Hearing God’s Voice? 1/3

Everything! It's a spirit you accept keeping you from listening to God. A trigger, a wound; bondage.

Fear is who & what God redeems, reprograms, heals, & frees us from.

It's the burden God is asking you to fully give Him.


This world is dangerous; handle with care.

Don't go it alone, either by yourself or with other humans. Only God can handle fear in the most complete of ways. He knows what's really going on.

Christ set us free from fear, God's Voice keeps us free.


Here, people have learned to respond to fear by demanding & grasping for more control.

God wants us to learn a new way to handle fear; give Him all control by obeying Him out of delight.

Surrendering control to God is more effective than taking it.

RT @getraf
There's a special group of people on this earth.

They do more than claim to follow Jesus Christ; they follow Jesus Christ.

Some look at them and see rules, religion, laws…

To see a list of questions asked and answered in this microblogging thread related to hearing God's voice in one skimmable place, check out the following link.

When Do I Need to Hear God’s Voice?

All the time, everywhere, with everyone, for everything.

When you need
clarity (confused)
direction (lost)
to make decisions (you/others)
to understand yourself (identity/behavior)
have more than you can handle
& more

RT @getraf
The Christian Worldview Communicates Feeling Insufficient Is a Good Thing That Doesn’t Need to Be Fixed Because It Causes Us to Be Dependent on God, Which Is the Designer’s…

How Can I Be Less Distracted So I Can Hear God’s Voice?

Get ready; prepare ahead of time.

1 Bible
2 Notebook
3 Pencil
4 Sharpener
5 Erasers
6 Highlighter
8 Place to focus
9 Disable distractions (notifications)
10 Set & keep God appointments

RT @getraf
@chuckswindoll I constantly read and do my best to *practice* applying what I learn. This morning I couldn't wait to find the food, prepare the meal, and serve a feast becau…

Why Should I Take What God Communicates Through the Bible, His Words, to Heart? 1/3

1) Because you need faith to trust the God of the Protestant Bible really is for, and not against, you; enabling you to do good, not trying to catch you doing wrong.

RT @getraf
Reasons Why I Read, Listen, and Take What the Bible Says to Heart.

* Because I am generously loved by a Provider no other human can match.

* Because I need faith to trust the …

Why Should I Take What God Communicates Through the Bible, His Words, to Heart? 2/3

2) So you can stake every decision you make in your life on a worldview that is True, and True not just for you; but for everyone. True like gravity is True for everyone.

RT @getraf
Truth: God Sets Objective Truth That Doesn’t Change for Everyone, Including Defining What Is Real, Good, a Need, & Love, so That We Can Stake Our Personal & Professional De…

Why Should I Take What God Communicates Through the Bible, His Words, to Heart? 3/3

3) So you can get back to nature's original and best design; choosing between life or death- not just good or evil- between God's voice or the Accuser's voice.

RT @getraf
God never intended for you to choose between good and evil. He intended you to choose between life and death.

God never intended you to live by your conscience. He intended you to li…

What Does Having a Conversation With God Look Like?

His Words (Consuming the Bible) +
Your words (Praying) =
A Conversation with God.

Repeat as desired

It's exchanging what's in your hearts in a way you understand.

God, meeting with you.
You, meeting with Him.
Sharing hearts.

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