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hi i'm georgia, a 20-something cis woman from NCL.

i'm a part-time retail assistant, 'artist' and arts facilitator involved in community arts, heritage and DIY publishing (also occasionally DIY cinema and music). i'm a disabled, fat, queer, autistic commie and i love r&b, pop, 80s & 90s house. i'm also incredibly into the history of art, architecture, fashion and make up.

No fash, SWERFs, TERFs, abuse apologists or ableists pls; mine and my friends' safety is a priority. 💖

They'll be going to their new house today when I go to work later and I can go back to looking after them during the day only. Which I'm very relieved about.

Im exhausted and had to sleep on the sofa all night with them at my feet because they cried for an hour when I left them to try and get some sleep 😣

focusing my energies on trying to get well for Monday when I'm going to Manchester to see Janelle with my friend Hannah 😍

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these two are the embodiment of "be gay do crimes"

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hey pals! my friend Phosile is a young black single mother with chronic mental illnesses. please donate, boost and share on your social medias to help her raise money to fund a rare opportunity on a part time acting course 💜

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I think I'm gonna use this as my public account and my 4eva as my friends one? It will stop me feeling weird about having people I don't know interacting with my toots if i just do shitposts here, I'm thinking.

I nearly butt-tooted except it was my arm not my butt and the toot was 'mjuy665'

*waits to be unfollowed for doing a 20-post thread on Beyoncé*

2) I'm not absolving her from or denying any things she's done or said in the past that I disagree with. I just think it's huge that she's doing so much, both in raising awareness and with her money in public, private (bail, scholarships, charity, relief funds) and behind the scenes (the overwhelming majority of her band, dancers, crew, hair and makeup and official photographers are black and consistently booked and busy, employed year-round)

that concludes my thread for now.

1) I'm not projecting anything onto my fave - the reciepts are there if you look for them re: finding inspiration in black radical histories, feminism, prison reform and abolition and black intergenerational wealth (her parents established their own businesses and were comfortable financially by the time she reached schooling age, though she has given back to neighbourhoods in houston & ny and established organisations and housing projects since her DC days)

you could write a thesis on the imagery in lemonade and formation (some already have done), but i would just like to mention that on her 25th b'day, ms knowles released an album that she would go on to shoot (& co-direct) videos for every song. it also featured a song heavily inspired by new orleans bounce (like formation) and the lead single's music vidro was shot on a former plantation (unlike 'lemonade' it also had a josephine baker-inspired dance break).

For the VMAs in 2016, Beyoncé invited the mothers of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant & Eric Garner (Lesley McSpadden-Head, Sybrina Fulton, Wanda Johnson & Gwen Carr) as her guests, and to walk the red carpet - all had featured in 'Lemonade' (she also brought along some of the other women and girls featured in the film)

'run the world' promo was actual red flags. the music video, AMAs performance and glastonbury crowd all had them

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