Today, the Tor Project is launching a new campaign to help censored users, and we need you. πŸ™Œ

How? Run a Tor Bridge! πŸŒ‰

Our goal is to add 200 new obs4 bridges to the network from November 18 - January 7, 2022, & we're offering prizes for running a bridge.

Since mid-2021, we've seen the number of obs4 bridges decreasing & a subsequent overload of existing bridges.

Bridges are relatively easy / low bandwidth to operate, but they have a big impact. By running a Tor bridge, you help people bypass censorship.

Volunteers who run bridges will be rewarded!

- Run 10 bridges = 1 Tor hoodie + 2 Tor T-shirts + sticker pack.

- Run 5 bridges = 1 Tor T-shirt + sticker pack.

+ We'll randomly select 10 new bridge operators to receive a Tor shirt.

Read the rules here:

@torproject Ait! 20 bridges coming up - from different networks, powered by OpenBSD and HardenedBSD :flan_cheer: :flan_beer: :flan_cool:

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