Te veo mañana (viernes) para una charla sobre Tor Project y Servicios Onions (.onion) en Flisol de Rancho Electronico (online)!
[13:30 pm Mexico City / 15:30 BRT / 18:30 UTC].

+ info: blog.torproject.org/onion-serv

@resist1984 @FreePietje the problem is not only your threat model, but the whole Tor network.

@FreePietje @resist1984 a great and positive impact to the Tor network health. Please read why we’re removing v2 onions: lists.torproject.org/pipermail

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The Tor Project's UX team lead Antonela Debiasi will share how our human-centered design methodologies improve Tor's usability without compromising user privacy at this year's LibrePlanet.


@FreePietje @torproject @resist1984 yup, v2 onion will be disabled from the Tor network on October 15th.

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📣 Starting this month, we're running a campaign to increase the number of Snowflake proxies run by volunteers. Snowflake is a new way to defeat internet censorship bundled in Tor Browser Alpha. You can help users in censored countries to connect to Tor by running a Snowflake proxy!

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Dear Mastodon, we're ~60 followers away from 12K! Can you help us get there?

Help by spreading the word that:

🔵 Privacy is a human right.

🔵 Tracking & surveillance are widespread on the internet.

🔵 Tor is a nonprofit that can help you take back your privacy online.

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Next Friday, December 11, Edward Snowden will host Tor’s third PrivChat, a fundraising livestream event and conversation with human rights defenders + real-life Tor users Alison Macrina, Ramy Raoof, Berhan Taye.

You're invited, so set your reminder: torproject.org/privchat/

Donate: torproject.org/donate/donate-u

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🗓️ Save the date for the (virtual) State of the Onion 2020: Nov. 16 @ 16:00-18:00 UTC.

We'll discuss Tor's accomplishments in 2020, plus hear from @securedrop, Library Freedom Project, Ricochet Refresh, @OpenObservatory, The Guardian Project and @micahflee.


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Use a mask, use Tor.

Today we’re launching our year-end campaign centered on the ways we can care for ourselves and our community: by masking up and using Tor. Anonymity loves company, after all.

Help resist the surveillance pandemic.


Hey! A reminder that outreachy internship applications are open and the deadline is September 20.
Outreachy supports diversity in open source and free software!

Note: even though it originally came from an acronym, Tor is not spelled "TOR". Only the first letter is capitalized. In fact, we can usually spot people who haven't read any of our website (and have instead learned everything they know about Tor from news articles) by the fact that they spell it wrong.

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PrivChat Chapter #2 - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Censorship Circumvention!

Today, at 17:00 UTC ⏰

Hosted by Cory Doctorow


Felicia Anthonio ()
Cecylia (@torproject)
Vrinda Bhandari (Internet Freedom Foundation)
Arturo Filastò (Project Lead & Engineer, @ooni)

📺 youtu.be/aOOChyMCZH4

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PrivChat Chapter #2 - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Censorship Circumvention
Hosted by Cory Doctorow.

[August 28th ∙ 10:00 AM Pacific Time ∙ 17:00 UTC ∙ 13:00 Eastern Time]


- Felicia Anthonio (Access Now),
- Vrinda Bhandari (Internet Freedom Foundation ),
- Cecylia Bocovich (Tor Project ),
- Arturo Filastò (OONI )

📺 youtu.be/aOOChyMCZH4
🔗 torproject.org/privchat/

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Tor’s Bug Smash Fund is back for its second year! 👾 💥

Every donation made today through the month of August will go towards the important work of finding & fixing bugs + conducting routine maintenance.


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Starting today, we're running a month-long campaign to raise awareness about onion sites, and if you enable Onion-Location on your site, you could win Tor swag!
Join us to make a more secure web!

Read our blog for all the details: blog.torproject.org/more-onion

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