Got real gassed working out this morning. Here's to hoping I'm not getting sick.

The rain is revitalizing me, made it through another summer.

Or maybe it's looking forward to blacksmithing class.

All my friends are at XOXO and I'm just at home putting together chairs AMA.

We only have two days left in Alaska. It's been a crazy adventurous set of days.

We went out for a food tour and a drive to find scenic places. Great success on both fronts.

Been in Alaska for one day and blown away by the beauty here.

So, I'm back over here because Twitter is a shit show. Maybe it'll stick this time.

It's bread making day again. Partly because we need bread, but mostly because making bread reduces my stress.

I'm not usually a depressed in public sort of guy, but damn it's been a rough set of months.

Huh, signed up for this ages ago and forgot, and now everyone is here.


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