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Users of /#Linux in could now be legally prosecuted by the state for using "unauthorised ". The charge is one of several facing journalist following the raiding of, her detention for a day, and confiscation of computers.

Anyone listening to the Fieldmarzipan

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In 1956, the DoJ banned AT&T from monopolizing other sectors, which is why it couldn't market Unix. The result? A competitive market for an operating system that took over the world.

نفعت. طلعت فيه مشكلة عندي في المتصفح و صلّحتها. دالوقت أنا باتابعكم من حسابي النِّردي الفرندكاوي.

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نظريا ممكن الواحد يتابع حسابات مستودون أو دياسبورا من حسابه الفرندكا. لكني جربتها مبارح و ماشتغلتش، و باحاول أفهم المشكلة فين.

على عكس مستودون، دياسبورا Diaspora* فيه حاجة اسمها aspects و هي وسيلة أنك تنشر البوستات لناس معينين، كأنها وجوه مختلفة لنفس الشخصية. فمافيش احتياج لحساب محمي. تقريبا زي اللستة في فيسبوك.

تعالوا جرّبوا:

A community will evolve only when a people control their own communications.

Frantz Fanon

: الناشط المصري علاء عبد الفتاح يضرب عن الطعام احتجاجا على استمرار اعتقاله غير القانونيالحريّة_لعلاء-ال

As soon as things go back to normal, bans are lifted, and travel is allowed, I'd like to try living in the stone age for a month and learn stone age technology.

are blocking themselves from readers in , AND they seem to be dropping connection via the @torproject network.

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For now, for many of us, the Internet is not only our town square, but also our school, art gallery, museum, and library. Copyright shouldn't stand in the way of that.

Does anyone else find the recreation of classical cartoons in lame 3D computer graphics really bad?

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