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❤❤❤ Happy Birthday Miku ❤❤❤Hatsune (◕ω◕) ♬ Happy (English lyrics translation) [song/music]:

♬ Kevin Staudt & et al — I Miss You (Blink 182, Cover) [song/music]:

💃【ひつじ&ゆこ】【欅坂46//Keyakizaka46】「不協和音//Discord」【踊ってみた】[dance]: ⭐️

🌎 RBE feat. Jacque Fresco (free download) [song/music]: The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy

💔 IMO twitter is heading in the direction of machine-generated filter bubbles (and possibly paid for access to information in some form), don’t put your trust in social networks that do that

💔 Machine generated filter bubbles (whose purpose you can’t understand) will not help you as a leaderless group, a protester in Egypt, or in the Occupy Movement—further self-education, and people will do that.

💔 leaderless groups, protests in Egypt, or being a part of the Occupy Movement: We need to talk about things, change can take a long time—the protest should give you something that will remain with U 4 the rest of your life: the chance to share a plan, good ideas, & solutions.

♬ Alex Alexander, — Never Back Down [song/music]: [I got faith in you]

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