call me problematic but i prefer... the light themes over night themes........ except for discord for some reason ?

@ghostandpals i-is there a light theme for mastodon eye emoji

@poetfog if you use the extension that makes it look like twitter ( ) it's light theme

@paroxism oh i just went through the preferences and found appearance stuff

@poetfog oo I didn't know it had those options :0 ty for letting me know

@paroxism leave it to my nosy arse to dig through sht and find something

@ghostandpals I FEEL U night theme twitter is nice but i like the light theme a little bit more

@paroxism YEYEYE for some reason the night themes are harder for my brain to, like, make sense of ???? it jumbles everything lmao

@ghostandpals YEAH esp on twitter I feel like it's harder to read or do things cus everything smushes together

@ghostandpals me too.. i only have dark themes for discord, yt and twitch

@raining_jelly oh i didn't know twitch had a light theme............. wrow

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