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Today it rained so much behind my window. Rain bring a lot of inspiration for me. It enhances my imagination. Today I wrote special dedicated to rain. You can read it at joyofreading.ga/2018/05/heavy-

The fediverse is probably the most important thing i feel like I'm involved with right now. As we start having these conversations about social media, the fediverse is something I can point to where many kinds of community models are explored outside the almost defacto context of ad-driven services. It feels good to be here. It feels good to know that we have relcalaimed some of the most revolutionary social technology from monolithic exploitation.

I love every single person that stands out in front of the library reading until they open, holding a big bag. Enjoy exploring new worlds, you beautiful souls.

This guy finally showed up for some orange-on-orange action.

My sister fell in love with Bobby the warehouse cat, which is reasonably, and wanted me to write an ode to him.

Meet Bobby, aka Bobbelina, aka Bobbylicious

Back to that morning routine of Pancake and coffee
:pancake: :coffeepot:

Here you can see how the walking onions, well, walk! The bulbs grow directly on top of the stalk, until it becomes too heavy and bends the stalk down the ground where the young bulb will take root! 🌱🌱🌱

I am very thankful to have such a cool job through this. Petting dogs all day is wildly therapeutic. ⭐️🐶⭐️

I'm in bed working on Mastodon while Brooklyn Nine Nine is playing in the background

"ARCHIDAMUS. When Archidamus, the son of Agesilaus, beheld a dart to be shot from an engine newly brought out of Sicily, he cried out, O Heracles! the valour of man is at an end."

i have eaten
the passwords
that were in
the logs

and which
you were probably
to keep private

forgive me
they were plaintext
so simple
and hunter2

I practise the grammar of healing.
Love, loved, left.
Past tenses bunched up on my tongue
like a woman on a cliff
refusing to dive.
I love you, I will have loved you,
you left me, I will have left too.

#poetry #corvusrobotica

It is impossible to change the Past. So be mindful of your Present life. What is done. cannot be undone. joyofreading.ga/2018/05/realit

What if all your memories are things whispered by hungry ghosts

Would it be okay if I asked for boosts?

I'm an audiobook narrator on ACX and Findaway looking to build my list. I particularly love narrating books with science fiction and fantasy elements.

If you're an author looking to commission audio versions of your short stories or novels (on ACX, Youtube, or elsewhere!) I'd really really love to hear from you. I adore this work and would like to do more!

Samples: acx.com/narrator?p=A1SNG47CN6H

Started glazing it with a polywax sealer :D

Social networks give us an effortless way to tune in to the broadcasts of people we know, satisfying our need to know “what’s going on”… but those broadcasts are often a shallow intersection of what people think they want to share and think we want to know. Vulnerability is rare and difficult.

They aren’t well-suited to the deep connections humans need. They’re tuned for meeting people and leaving relationships on autopilot. Really connecting takes work, discussion, and—yes—emotional labor.