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stop asking me whats up. the answer is always gonna be not much, just chilling. im always chilling. itll never change. even as i write this i am chilling

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i miss the good old days of sims 3 when you'd download some dodgy custom content and then all of your sims, regardless of age or gender would become a centaur with boobs

it's great when ppl write a whole post that just says obvious shit like "it's not ok to hit someone just because you're angry" as if everyone who's violent just missed that day of preschool

Potato is the only good kind of salad. fruit salad is ok too but only if you're a wiggle

phone fell in a sink full of water.... hope i don't lose my neko astume game...

dude, look at that cloud. what does it look like to you? exactly. two ETs fucking. that's crazy

ABDL = adult baby diaper lover
ADBL = adult diaper baby lover
BADL = baby adult diaper lover
ADBD = adult diaper baby diaper
ABBA = adult baby baby adult
AAAA = adult adult adult adult

*Mr. Brightside voice*
i am still in my cage and i cannot get out

almost all celibate people are incels. think about monks and stuff. they can't fuck because god told them not to. they probably wish they could live in their monastery with their weird bowlcuts and fuck once in a while

watching a bunch of anime is not a hobby. watching a bunch of italian horror movies from the 1970s is a hobby though and it's also cool

I tried to watch the new Lion King and it was so weird. They didn't talk the entire time and David Attenborough was narrating for some reason. I turned it off after Simba killed and ate a water buffalo

I've seen a lot of Beatles takes on the TL and I just wanted to share my opinion. I think it's weird that they made a whole song about how they hate paying taxes

meta, kiwifarms 

just remembered that posts are called toots here. now I'm pissed off all over again

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