@ghostwife If it was my cat, I'd say "trusting but worried about the flash" or "trusting but not sure what you're doing." Still on their back, watching you, but body language says "this is still cool."

@ghostwife Oh, paws out like that - *could* be looking for play, especially if you have a good relationship

@aldersprig @ghostwife I was gonna go with "give me belly rubs, human... IF YOU WISH FOR YOUR HANDS TO BECOME BLOODY RIBBONS!"

which I guess is the same as wanting to play

Most likely: "why did you awake me from my good nap?!?"

@wilbr @ghostwife I have unusual cats who actually seek out belly/chest petting, but that may be because their fur is like 2.5 inches long on their bellies.

@ghostwife What is the behavior besides this facial expression?

@ghostwife my cats do that same expression when they have a new toy.

@ghostwife cats have two moods: relaxed and surprised

@ghostwife In my not-so-expert opinion, ambush hunters are either mid-murder or pre-murder. This looks like pre-murder.

Not a cat expert, but it seems like:
1st pic: - Oh slave, you finally managed to bring me some food.
2nd pic: - Put it down right there. (Points with a paw)

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