@ghostwife gluten free gluten!

...so basically, a bag of air

@ghostwife On the one hand I suspect trolling. On the other hand this is so repetitive I would hope actual trolls would move on.

@MrControll Yeah I'd hope nobody would spend 3 years doing this

@ghostwife honestly might start selling gluten free gluten. You don't need packaging for nothing, right?

@Kirin @ghostwife they do not get mad at that questioning, they are able to do greater things..

@ghostwife your current icon is *chefkiss* for the feeling of this post, I must say. Absolute perfection.

@ghostwife i would suspect trolling but as someone that is part of that community, uh ... yyyyeah.

there's still a crap ton of inter-community fighting over whether or not potatoes and rice have gluten so 🤷 this tracks.

@ghostwife so this is obviously absurd but it absolutely does not surprise me, there's not a lot of common understanding about what gluten actually is

like glutinous rice is gluten-free because glutinous in that context just means "sticky," so i can see how people get confused

@ghostwife tbh the number of times people try to bond with me over "haha why is this ostensibly gluten free thing labeled gluten free" and i have to be like "well actually sometimes there will be gluten in it"

it's a whole mess

@antifuchs dang... so that's where I've been posting all this time

@ghostwife this is giving me some strong "everyone's given up on reading anything because we all assume it's gonna be bs anyway" vibes

@ghostwife there is simply no way of knowing whether or not this product is gluten free

@ghostwife Just yesterday, I was at a public event where I overheard this:

"They're selling gluten-free hotdogs. Don't want one. Those things are full of flour."

The mind boggles. Or maybe, the boggle minds.

@jggimi @ghostwife when you cannot eat gluten-free wheat flour with your glutenproblem and an allergy against wheat, it makes sense.

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