I'm afraid I'm gonna be broke by this weekend h

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This just in: Tumblr's mobile app is STILL shit.

I'm so excited to finally be joining all my friends asdfsd finally I'll get to live with People I Don't Hate

Me: I'm not tired
Also me, two minutes later: ok g o od n i g ht

ugh ugh it's so hot in my room but I can't for the life of me get the window(s) to open.

Honestly one of the worst things about moving away in a few days is that I won't be in the pacific timezone anymore :blobugh:

can somebody kick my ass the next time another mafia check pops up because I've been meaning to try it I've just chickened out every time ngl

like half of my longest lasting friends I've met through rp ngl. bless rp. rp good.

as i'm thinking of how to write this starter for jenny, the more i realize how much miku is tripping out as of late

"why am i meeting so many people that look like me wtf"


the small chest aesthetic is going a month without wearing a bra before realizing that you legitimately can't find your bra anymore

y'know sometimes i wonder how an android like her would handle traumatic events like watching somebody die like that

because of how her memory works she can probably recall it almost perfectly

miku still has her pistol she was given for fragmentation pt.2

she only fired it once, in a vain attempt to save her protector. she ended up killing the wraith, but couldn't save her

miku: oh this city isn't too bad... :'^)

cue the city fucking exploding, all the characters coming back, and the wraiths being unleashed upon the city

i'm laughing because Miku first got put into citta towards the end of part 1 of the event, so the city was just. Empty. Calm. Because all the other characters were in the outer districts fighting for their lives

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