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god several of my currently listed 500+ word threads are from the Fragmentation event

fun times

I still need to count my current ongoing threads tho....

I still need like 4 more 500+ threads w/ different people for miku's rankup h

Dad: I wonder what my daughter is up to?

My phone: hot android lesbians

dad has to borrow my phone soon and lowkey I'm considering setting my lock screen or wallpaper to some miku x luka yuri

that'll get em

GHOST // boosted

lowkey Miku's kind of conflicted about how she just. has her series number plastered on her arm. She knows it serves as like symbolism almost, but she doesn't like how its a reminder she's a machine sometimes.

i originally wanted her to host her own attraction but in the end I just couldn't think of a good enough idea OTL but i imagine she's probably hanging around a lot, helping out anybody that needs it!

I might throw up a starter ad for the school festival soon-ish

actually genuine question: would people from worlds where Pokemon might exist as a video game (like our own world) recognize Pokemon in citta??

because secretly I headcanon Pokemon being one of miku's favorite video games but I didn't wanna be too fourth wall breaky in citta OTL

would elgyem's psychic powers even work on an android like miku

i imagine not but

i honestly for the life of me can't decide on what i want her first pokemon to be. I was considering a shinx but?? having an electric type pokemon could potentially be really dangerous to her so idk how much sense it makes.

also I just remembered (again) that miku still has a pokeball she still hasn't used because I'm procrastinating.

occasionally the realization sets in that I'm going to be independent for the first time soon and i'm Excited And Terrified™️

my bf is a fuckin' idiot and i love him

I just heard him clatter into the other room followed by a distant "i'm okay!"

RIP I just checked my own Twitter and apparently I'm shadowbanned as well. Literally all I used my Twitter for was retweeting vocaloid fanart. great.

still definitely going to buy Future Tone though just for that sweet sweet song count

my bf got me a physical copy of Project Diva X to play on his PS4 and i-

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