Just logged in to Mastodon on my laptop (for the first time). I like it, but my social media use is limited to laying around without anything else to do (i.e., phone only).

Where are you seeing this?

I just figured out how to block languages I don't understand. I feel like the most powerful man in the universe.

Watched The Grinch (2018) with the kids today. Realized the movie says he lives North of town, but (based on the sunrise in the morning) actually loves South.

It could be North if the planet where Whoville is located spins in the opposite direction of Earth. Shrug.

Told my wife... she was annoyed.

Watched a vid of folks having a (somewhat) civil discussion with scientists; thought it would be funny & entertaining. Surprisingly, had a visceral reaction and got so upset, I couldn't continue.

Not sure what got me so wound up... I certainly felt frustration with both sides. One for arguing imaginary points (they obviously know nothing about), the other for not breaking things down into simpler concepts everyone can understand.

For the record, I'm sane and know the Earth is round.

Why are there so many crazy people on Mastodon?

Does anyone know how/why some photos are marked as "sensitive" when they definitely aren't? What kind of software is being used to identify a book sitting on a table as sensitive?

Keep your friends close and your drinks closer. 🍻

Does anyone have any recommendations for accounts to follow? I'm particularly interested in following technology and business folks.


This is my . I have no idea what's going on here.


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