@francistein @durru la religión existe por dos razones: sacar dinero fácil y cortar cabezas

Consejo MUY IMPORTANTE: No esturnudar muy fuerte si lleváis puesta la mascarilla..👍

estoy cayendo en una adicción peligrosa, que puede destruir mi vida, mis relaciones sociales y aislarme del mundo, tal vez irremediablemente. maldito Minetest 😑😑😑

@aslmx @retroedgetech otherwise I have no complaints, it is very stable, fast and functional, but maybe too basic, I myself sometimes prefer to use deltachat instead of that just for those details

@aslmx @retroedgetech Maybe it's a bit unnecessary for some users, but I would like the swipe-to-reply feature, an emoji picker, tab splitting for groups and individual users (the latter being the least important though). In short, details that attract more users and that facilitate the use of the app

@retroedgetech @aslmx 🤔the problem is... the xmpp clients for android are very uncomfortable or incomplete, think there´s a need for some really good client

Calzada de Managua y entrada a la Carretera al Lucero (izquierda) Reparto Mantilla, La Habana

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