Attention #Fennec #FDroid / #Firefox users: The critical 66.0.4 update is now available via F-Droid to fix the broken add-on support because of an expired certificate. That was incredibly fast for F-Droid standards! Don't forget to revert any unofficial fixes.

Meanwhile #Ubuntu users are still waiting for the latest Firefox update to be deployed. 🙄 #ArmagAddon #Android #Mozilla

get these designs and many more on tees, hoodies, other things, stickers and even more other things here: 🦕

Geary needs a release with global appmenu removed, because on GNOME 3.32, geary settings are not available :D

After 6 months of effort by our talented team of contributors, we are thrilled to announce the immediate release of GNOME 3.32, "Taipei". Please see our release announcement for the comprehensive list of changes.

@kitsune Well, at least you got better uwu

Today was a pretty chill day here! And it's time for an even more comfy evening~

I wish I was as pampered and care-free as my cats 😩😽

cuddles, partial nudity, nsfw 

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