ME: Here’s a draft in a Google doc
X: Thanks, here’s some edits in a Word file
ME: Oh.
X: I switched on Track Changes
ME: *sobbing*

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Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie, Laurence Mason, Matthew Lillard, and Jesse Bradford

AMB 1 calls itself "an automatic mood board generator". Connect to Dropbox, add images to folders, it puts them in a grid on a web page for you:

Lost inside the new BBC Sounds app. My Sounds? My List? Subscribed? What do these things mean? They feel horribly like echoes of BBC org structure.

On long uncomfortable train journeys I put my wallet behind my back in an effort to straighten my spine am I weird y/n

Kate’s watching Finnish detective drama on the ‘flix. B is playing games with his mates. I’m putting my headphones on so I can listen to some 808 State nice and loud

Early for a meeting in Whitehall, so sitting in the sunshine in Parliament Square. Busy here today. Lots of other people early for their meetings too.

I suppose now that Facebook has devices called "Portal", people will stop commissioning/building websites described as "portals" because they'll be scared of upsetting Facebook's lawyers, so that's maybe a nice thing.

despite being quite good at making backups (or so I thought), I've managed to lose or delete the work I'd done so far on a film. still have the original footage; shall have to start again.

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@Danhon @d @mathowie yup! Tap and hold on the person’s avatar on the main screen.

Guy Garvey celebrates 30 years since “Spirit of Eden” was released. I feel both very happy and very old and I’m going to be listening to it all week I think

The whole move-all-your-stuff to a new phone process is really pretty slick these days, isn’t it?

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