Just overheard the first "this side of Christmas" of the season

Stubbornly continuing to use iPlayer Radio app until it definitely, finally stops working.

Another good day yesterday. Picked up some more new work; started monochrome.substack.com; met photo group pals in the evening. Enjoyed a chicken Thai curry.

had a good day yesterday. wrote something half-decent. met some really great people. enjoyed a good bacon roll.

My Mastodon web profile page seems to have disappeared: mastodon.social/gilest

But this one works: mastodon.social/web/accounts/3

Anyone with any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Went to Cambridge. Checked in at the appropriate place.

write.as is looking really good as a hosted blogging platform these days. Tempting, even.

Stretched out on the sofa to read a book. Frank decided I was his new cat bed.

I can just about live with Chrome's "Hold Command+Q to quit" thing, although it's still annoying, but the other thing where it totally ignores / gives up on Option+Command+H to hide other apps is just nuts.

ME: Here’s a draft in a Google doc
X: Thanks, here’s some edits in a Word file
ME: Oh.
X: I switched on Track Changes
ME: *sobbing*

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AMB 1 calls itself "an automatic mood board generator". Connect to Dropbox, add images to folders, it puts them in a grid on a web page for you: amb-1.com

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