@Robertbrook “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”

write.as is looking really good as a hosted blogging platform these days. Tempting, even.

@philgyford will you accept a million pounds for the film rights?

Stretched out on the sofa to read a book. Frank decided I was his new cat bed.

I can just about live with Chrome's "Hold Command+Q to quit" thing, although it's still annoying, but the other thing where it totally ignores / gives up on Option+Command+H to hide other apps is just nuts.

@genmon thanks for the recommendation, me and the boy now both competing to get a Planet Booster first

ME: Here’s a draft in a Google doc
X: Thanks, here’s some edits in a Word file
ME: Oh.
X: I switched on Track Changes
ME: *sobbing*

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AMB 1 calls itself "an automatic mood board generator". Connect to Dropbox, add images to folders, it puts them in a grid on a web page for you: amb-1.com

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