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@Danhon @d @mathowie yup! Tap and hold on the person’s avatar on the main screen.

Guy Garvey celebrates 30 years since “Spirit of Eden” was released. I feel both very happy and very old and I’m going to be listening to it all week I think

The whole move-all-your-stuff to a new phone process is really pretty slick these days, isn’t it?

My lunch was scrambled eggs, a chunk of Wensleydale and a nectarine that was so perfectly ripe I had to eat another one immediately afterwards. How's your day?

Got my first bit of "Thinking about retirement?" junk mail through the letterbox this morning.

so take your hat off boy when you're talkin' to me / and be there when I feed the tree

reminder to self to always check whether the Slack reply I'm posting is in a public channel or a dm channel 😬

I know someone / who knows someone / who knows Alan McGee quite well

Saw a “Book now for Christmas!” sign today 😑

Drama at the bird feeder this morning: a sparrowhawk swooped in from nowhere, grabbed a blue tit in its claws, and disappeared over the hedge. The other blue tits and sparrows spent 5 minutes silently waiting in a nearby beech tree, to be sure the coast was clear. Then they all carried on feeding like nothing had happened.

To mid-Wales! A beautiful journey over the Brecon Beacons

this thing that tries to make art out of any words you type might end up being very useful for presentations

If you like interesting music, I recommend a show called "On the Wire" from BBC Radio Lancashire. Electronica, ambient, dub/reggae, and quite a lot more. Always a good listen. Show website: Official page on Radio iPlayer:

@Danhon I might start saying to people I like: May your Significant Locations continue to be Not On Fire

Latest fave podcast: Everything is alive, interviews with inanimate objects. Informative, clever, hilarious.

Today I discovered Tooth Fairy, a 3-quid macos app that makes it easier to use AirPods with your Mac. It's pretty neat:

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