We really do, as a country, love an authority disrespecting larrikin 🥴

Will anybody at all be even remotely surprised if it turns out the world class intellects in the PMO just forgot to keep paying the agent in China who is the official front for that WeChat account and they more or less just said "screw it, it's ours now."

SMS spam just arrived "You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen" and misgendering aside, I've seen pictures of me and...yikes!

A friend asked last week if I was running the Jorts account and now having checked out Jorts I take that question as the highest possible compliment.

So....anyone want to bet Celebrimbor is bald, slightly dorky, starts working out halfway through season 1, and can think of no other use for his incredible wealth then making vaguely phallic rings?
Also Sauron has a hint of a South African accent.

So....how much does forklift driving pay? Could be willing to get my ticket...

What if Greg Hunt was actually underestimating and Australians used a _billion_ free RATs each day!!!

I had a really great idea last night while falling asleep for a way to make caramel even better and sat upright in bed and D said "Oh, here we go" and I bet this is how Dr Frankenstein felt.

So basically if you’re in a visa and Alex Hawke doesn’t like something you say, he can kick you out. And judging by the actions of his colleagues, probably try and sue for for defo on the way out.

How good is rule of law, eh?

Is it basically impossible to hire PHP devs in Sydney or is it just hard when you're boring?

If we as a nation had any self-respect left we'd have stormed the Surry Hills cop shop months ago and be well on our way to a good old fashioned reign of terror.


I _might_ be cynical, but I predict the end result in shining an international spotlight on the moral and ethical abyss that is Australia’s asylum seeker system is for the international spotlight to say “hmm…say, how much do you charge for consulting?”

I thought I had become inured to the kind of word salad gibberish that the PM can emit when in a situation alien to him but fuck, “taking wickets in the virus” has really plumbed a depth.

Matrix Resurrections is good. Depending on your taste for knowing meta commentary on its own bullshit, it is the best Matrix movie.

You had a problem, or at least some software bros told you you did.

You let them try to solve it with software.

Now you have several new, steadily more intractable problems every few months.


I wonder if Jenny even gets given a heads up each time she's going to be made the scapegoat.

I unironically love Old Parliament House. But if all you can say is “oh noes, beautiful building” then you continue to be part of the problem. People > Property, always have been, always will be

Went to three different Woolworths to secure a RAT to double check D’s flu like symptoms.

Meanwhile two smirks doing piggy back inside a suit are out there telling people they’re doing a leading.

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