Ok, all in all, that could have been worse. It made narrative sense, just they didn’t work hard enough to make it land.

Lost is the Gold Standard for shitting the bed in a finale in our house. I mean, I am kind of lukewarm but I think D came close to hunting down persons responsible. Can GoT take the crown?

Kiwi asks the office if all of the Australians will be doing a yardie today in remembrance.

If I tried that I’d die. On the spot. Just dead.

Amateurs demo live, professionals narrate video.

So of course I am doing a live demo tomorrow at 7am

Today I am reminded that my praxis is shit.

Previous Employer: hey, just calling to ask...did you change super funds?


PE: Only, we haven’t paid your final super contribution yet, two and a half months after leaving.

Oh right. That’s my fucking interest you’ve been earning.

Turns out it is actually possible to want to remain personally unegged while also believing that in a just universe Scott Morrison would be charged with crimes against humanity and an egging is the least of what he deserves.

“I’ve spent a lot of time trying to make powershell feel like using bash.”

“Yeah, so one of those is a horse and the other is two people in a panto horse costume. And one of those people is actually two ten year olds in a trench coat.”

I like how DotNet Core, a mature framework that is on v3 and is just shy of three years old, still can’t build to a single executable unless you include a separate package that has been releasing packages for 16 months.

Another major party candidate gone. I reckon if the election campaign was at the end of May, the Greens might be able to Steven Bradbury their way into government.

We worry about how content translates into different languages. We consider localisation of dates and numbers.

Should we consider localisation of interactions? Like a accordion navigation is fine in one culture, and unfamiliar in another.

Like, if you were one of the developers at Amazon involved in building this, you should be ashamed of yourself.

the same system will come for you too.


Sydney Trains ticket inspectors should not be allowed on trains within two hours of the whole system being fucked by any interruption at all.

You’d never see one again. You’d have to make them all redundant.

Five jobs

1. Tank
2. DPS
3. Buffs
4. Healer
5. Crowd Control

Office Manager asks me “Why are you still here?”

So I point at the only other two people in the office and reply “well I don’t know what the PMs are doing, but I actually have real work.”

It’s a lie, I just didn’t want to admit to being a massive dork.

Today is such a junk day and I am such a dork for not being sick.

Sometimes you just have to test an integration in prod

If this new Godzilla movie doesn’t feature Mega Robert Smith...well, it will be bullshit.

Apparently I like zombie shoes.

Kingdom on Netflix was good.
Black Summer was bleak and excellent.

Walking Dead though is - and has always been - turgid, unwatchable trash

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