For when your empty ritual needs to be even emptier.

They all know me at the coffee shop. Handed me my drink just now and said 'See you soon.' I mean, come on...true, but leave me my dignity, please.

c# developers will twist themselves into knots to use strongly typed model rather than just a dict.

An absolutely terrible idea for a show that I would definitely watch, Grand Designs Comp Sci. An amiable computer scientist visits people over the years and reports on their crazy beautiful hobby projects.

My neighbour, who is probably only a decade older than me, is giving his stereo system a workout. I feel like asking him if he is aware of the twenty-first century.

Windows is now my fifth choice operating system.

So it’s annoying and amusing that I caught myself checking out Surface Pros on the weekend.

I’ve spent a lot of today pondering whether I should try reading Dune. I hated it when I first read it and the second time I abandoned after a hundred pages.

I rarely use windows so when I am forced on to it for reasons, it takes me a few minutes to remember it is Nyarlathotep’s gift to humanity.

I made the mis ta be of letting some sci-fi nerds tell me Netflix’s Away was bad because of “teenage drama”.

What they’re talking about is adults adulting. The Lu storyline damn near broke my heart.

Just got accused of being scrum master for a team. Champ, if I were scrum master you'd really know I was scrum master. Mx Working On The Same Ticket For The Last Ten Weeks

I, an introvert, am very exhausted from spending months hosting and driving 6+ hours of video conversation every week

I, an introvert, am very exhausted from spending months hosting and driving 6+ hours of video conversation every week

IP laws have to be the only thing preventing there being a iOSAmp that could then integrate with the Winamp Skin Museum ( Swipe left and right to toggle between Milkdrop visualiser and the player interface. Swipe down to get to the equaliser.

Won't it be funny if Google and Facebook actually restrict links to Australian news sources to just the ABC and SBS.

Tripped over and kicked something on Tuesday evening. Hurt like hell.

Looks like the bruising is finally arriving.

Oh you don't have two weeks leave because you live in the land of the free? Guess you should have had a union.

Tech doesn't do strikes, because apparently they're all too smart and important to be exploited or something and don't need unions and solidarity.
But what if we all simultaneously took two weeks leave?

The child just asked D if she has a strap-on.

Ice pack.

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