They lampshade it a little bit in the very first sentence, but perhaps don’t go far enough.

I’ve been reading variants of this piece since the mid-1990s. And likely that’s just when I started noticing it.

*mumbles* "actually, maybe some shit is still fucked and my only hope is to hot fix Django with something that may or may not be more fucked."

Every time I try and write code these days, it's like an all expenses paid trip to the Himalayas. All I see is yaks.

me: Hmm, I have no way to _stop_ Copilot using my code to fuel its models. I mean, except to delete my repositories and move them to Gitlab.

Gitlab: *Yakkity Sax*

The six greatest words any engineer gets to say after discovering a potentially share price affecting issue: "Shit is now no longer fucked."

I unlocked an achievement today. All those times I said "Don't use a 32 bit id column, you may run out one day" I never thought it would happen to me. But today we discovered a third party application that had exhausted the 32 bit integer space for its most important table.


TFW you’re listening to a pair of knitters talking about having half a dozen works in progress that they’re bored of and starting new projects and then you look at GitHub.

I tried googling “has $person milkshake ducked?” and google does not have one of those special search results to say Yes or No with a link to the details of their shame, so I guess cancel culture isn’t real.

SCENE: Bunnings. The fastener aisle.

Me: (holds up screw) Morning. I’m looking for one of these, but longer.

Guy: (sighs) Is that off an electrical plate?

Me: yeah?

Guy: In electrical.

Me: Of course it is.

D bullied me into closing some tabs in the browser on my phone. Managed to close 155.

Just 255 left.

I have circumnavigated the globe and I would like a coffee now please.

I have circumnavigated the globe and I would like a coffee now please.

I took a holiday last week and now I am back at work It really stands out to me that Atlassian is a multi-billion dollar company whose number one affect is to leave me less informed that index cards on a wall.

Bartender: “has anyone ever told you you look just like Rick Moranis?”

me: “….exactly once, about ten seconds ago.”

I honestly think the most amazing part of this story is apparently Twitter actually thought it might work. Never mind the cosmic unlikelihood of all those people just being tricked into another platform. Twitter had to have such a low (realistic) opinion of their own clients.

I occasionally wonder if I destroyed the thing when the others left.

Hanson; for all that she is an utterly ignored bigoted shit just about has to be the most influential Australian of the past three decades. Closely followed by John Howard.

(Murdoch of course is orders of magnitude more influential, but is also an American)

There continues to be a shocking number of ALP (and LNP) rusted on supporters who just have not noticed how those parties have betrayed them while sliding to the right to stay within the Overton window.

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