“Ahhh-ye, yeh can come in for a lolly…*hic*. Dohn mind me, kiddo…ah jus tired…n’motional *hic*”

Distinctly remember this exact same discussion about music, movies, and fashion in the 1990s. God damn lazy Zoomers can't even invent their own discourse. Or something.


I will never not be mad when I see this pattern. I assure you, I have my own identity outside of my job. There are only 37.5 hours a week during which I will pretend to give a shit about the company I work for.

My Christmas came early; a colleague made a burp from my weird-arse imagination a reality.

There is no Public Good, no Commons, that FAANGs will not choke to death.

Our cats won’t play with any of the expensive toys we buy and aren’t that into nip.
But every fortnight @samplecoffeebar sends them the best toy ever.

Very slow cooked lamb shanks and barley stew, with a passion fruit honey whisky sour.

I’ve almost made it back from my trip to Sydney today. My travelling companion seems not so lucky. Haven’t seen him since an hour or so ago.

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