“It’s not real pasta,” says D. Summoning all her contempt, “it’s store bought.”

So apparently I have to start planting wheat; unsure where to go when she starts feeling entitled to that as well.

Fucking Pauline Hanson actively dehumanises people and diligently prepares the ground for stochastic terrorist attacks, but it’s the angry Left who say ‘fuck’ who are the problem.

So fuck the collaborators as well.

Fuck Pauline Hanson and fuck all of these entertainers who will have her on to spread her hate and fuck the people who voted her in.

Very slow cooked lamb shanks and barley stew, with a passion fruit honey whisky sour.

A few days ago I was chatting about hey.com and noting it is mostly pointless but if they could get my newsletters into an rss feed it might be worth something. Screw it, wrote it myself: github.com/gilmae/NewslettersT

Struggling with praxis again. Frustrated that journalists are so vexed about one of their own being charged by the increasingly authoritarian government apparatus when they’re perfectly happy to sell the rest of us out to that same machine.

One of the lore adorable aspects of tech people is their self belief that they can thwart the intentions of extremely well-funded and motivated nation-state actors via links found in google searches and marketing emails.

“I don’t suppose you are my manager?” I was just asked.

D: “my eye! It won’t stop twitching!”

Me: “.......and the eye drops do nothing to hide your shame?”

I’ve almost made it back from my trip to Sydney today. My travelling companion seems not so lucky. Haven’t seen him since an hour or so ago.

I have to go into Sydney tomorrow.

What’s it like? Beyond the wall, I mean.

Management is, in part, learning how to be derive reward from your reports collecting kudos for things you helped them with.

If you'd managed to forget Desert Golf and that raw feeling in your soul, like it had been flensed of all capacity for joy, rage, or any emotion at all from watching the ball roll gently off the right of the screen...well have I got good news for you. mobile.twitter.com/v21/status/

Many of my favourite tech workers have Arts degrees.

Whenever I use the child’s car I have to move her shoes out of the footwell. So I did move two and then drove to get coffee. Upon my return, a third shoe is discovered. Is this normal?

I started reading tonsky.me/blog/monitors/ and I had to bail because the sheer amount of fussy entitlement overwhelmed me. FWIW the monitor this bro recommends after claiming high-res monitors are commodity? . That's in seppo money too.

“I didn’t expect to be hot coming out of the device for heating food,” is almost word for word a statement just made to me.

I’m now amusing myself by responding to misdirected @s with calls to action to imprison myself in what I am sure is non-idiomatic Portuguese.


Open captions versus closed captions feel like they stole each other’s names. What exactly is open about burning pixels into the video?

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