I wonder if Kinokuniya will mind if I just “work” in a corner deep inside their Sydney shop for my final two days next week.

Two data breach notifications today! And one of them even came from the vendor instead of Troy Hunt.

Both from services I no longer use. I should just delete accounts on services I no longer use, but I know they just keep the data anyway.

Whenever Windows refuses to let me see an application because that app was on a display the laptop isn’t even connected to any longer, it really drives home how bad Linux is - it can’t even beat a desktop this awful.

Shea’s been at the hairdressers for three and a half hours.

I get pissy if they aren’t wrapping up after ten minutes and that’s only if I’ve left it so long they need to do two runs at the clipping.

Goodness, a .dev domain is a nice round $955.66 so I’m _not_ going to buy that and CNAME all the other instances.

“How are the final days of your notice period going?”

“Today I am scrolling through a sub-reddit dedicated to photos of overweight cats. I am living my best life.”

“Just me then?” might be the story of my life and definitely should be tattooed on the leap of leopards I am buried in.

I’m now in a twitter thread with Guy Gavriel Kay having suggested that he sprays wood glue and lacquer on his face before making literary feats of heroism in what I can only assume is an actually quite pleasant post-apocalypse and I am both thrilled and a little rueful.

Lol, I am currently 2869th in the queue to enter the ballot to maybe get tickets to The Cure at the Opera House in May. This promises to be disappointing.

tWM is ugly crying over the Billie Holiday song they played Opportunity.
So I reminded her it is probably really cold, dark, windy, and lonely on Mars right now.

The second most evil and insidious use of deep fake technology will be making fake videos of perfectly normal and respectable people saying “jif”.

I have played this stupid game so much since I saw Cannon-Brookes mention it.
I finally got a shiny.

There are very few experiences as uneducational and unedifying as listening to three very white men in their thirties and forties discussing and debating why a performer appeals to teenaged girls.

The Halsey track (ok, Yungblud featuring Halsey) is called 11 minutes but is only 4 minutes long in a blatant case of false advertising.

Life goal - my name becomes a verb for a group of people. Preferably in a positive sense :-)

I should have gone to Ignite. I only bailed at the last minute because I thought my employer would be trying to extract value from me in my notice period, but nope, not a thing.
I think I would like to have met Christina Warren among others.

What is the mastodon etiquette for when you want to share content from the Other Place? Like, a link? Don't?

AWS custom runtimes seem like a lot of work and a lot of moving parts just to avoid learning how to use JavaScript.

Signing out of a work slack, deleting the work mail account from your phone. These are the joys of the notice period.

Whoever this fool that crashed their car into a signals box is, I just hope they rely on the trains.

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