Wanted: A piece of art, based on the album cover most associated with Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas, except it is Cthulhu dressed as Santa Claus and looking coquettish.

Very pretty painter dude came around today to give me a quote on steeping the interiors, and now tWM is Jessica Jonesing him on Facebook because she is T H I R S T Y.

me, year 2000: "omg, this cube farm is a dystopian nightmare, I hate it."
me, year 2019: "Well...OTOH, so much privacy and quiet."
me, year 2000: "Yeah, nah, it really is horrible. Hang on a moment, my dog wants a pat."


"not here to fuck spiders."

The only review I needed of the M1 MacBooks.

(via The Sizzle by twitter.com/decryption)

If anyone was keeping count of the ways in which D and I are different, she asked to _not_ be judged after licking egg off her phone screen.

Oh Bundy....never change.

Oh wait, you almost never do and only reluctantly and in half measures. Half the reason I left.


I say the level of water is just more evidence of the ongoing failure of humanity to be able to organise to meet a common goal and that we should tear everything down, throw the glass against the wall, guillotine the rich and start over afresh.


Everyone: We've got this great calendar which so many people in different nations use consistently that allows us to talk about target dates and everyone knows what we mean.

Corporate planners: F̛̖̬̘̞̟̯̝̻̊̽͊͗i̸̡̤̲͕̮̳̓̂͑̎͌̚͢n̸̠̭̬̤̜̑́̉͊̎͜͞ậ̛͖̞̭̫̹̿̇̕͟ͅn͍͔̬̳̤͎͖̣̭̎̔̈́̈͂̿́̽̀c̴̭͍̺̯͚̫̑͑̂͗̋͢i̢̧̛͙̣͎̱͔̞̜͂̏̈̿̕á̸̭̰̠͖̲͍̹̲̖̐̏̿̍̃͝l̨̡͈̫͙̝̦͔̈̄̑̉̌͋̒̇̚ q̴̨̡̯̟͓̜͉̪̤̤̊̋͗͑͒̆̈́̋͞u̧̖͓̦̝̪̓͂̇̈̔́̈́a̸̟̻̥͚͎̘̪̳͈͆̐͑́́̊̊r̺͚͉̹̺̹̈́̿̾́͛ť̫̳̤̳̝̮̓̀̽͑̄͟͠͡ͅe̸̹̪͈̯̳͈̍̀͋͌̅̒͛͢ṙ̨̢̧̮̖͙̦̤̊̄̿͂͜͠ș̨̰̤̩̩͔͒͂̆̋̈͌̚͞!̷̨̛̟̖͔̯̮̜̜̀͗̐͊ͅ!̪̺̙̫͍̬̮̘͂͗̋̃̈͗̆͂́̓!̨̡͖̜͓̣̇̃͒̽̈́̎̚͞

The bubble tea place is within the eyeline of my regular coffee place and I feel like I have to hide around the corner so they aren’t disappointed with me.

I see Malcolm Turnbull has a full on case of esprit de l'escalier, some five fucking years later.

There are many things that have happened in history that I really want t o know the full story behind. Right now I can't think of a single story I want to know all the details of more than the Four Seasons Total Landscaping press conference

I certainly know some organisations that could stand to consider this sort of thing.


Barring malign influence somehow making him the winner, my prediction is not only will he not need to be dragged out kicking and screaming, he'll actually have left before January 20th. He couldn't stomach the ceremonial role of the loser.


Like a 3 day old balloon with a pinprick, deflating with one final fart at the system that's been rigged in his favour since birth. One more rallying cry for the 14-worders and their millions of supporters to nurse in their gizzards for the days, weeks, and years to come.

I only hope I have left is that the k-pop stans eventually defeat the Nazis and in a generation their's will be the cultural hegemony, and when the short skirt secret police come to your door to arrest your uncool niece they will announce themselves with "Blackpink in your area!"

FWIW, I do indeed say this and more to people who work with me. Recently one of them listened and now she has a better job.


Set up a Postgres database in AWS RDS last month. Was expected to receive 1s of calls per day, so picked the smallest instance in the Free Tier.

Never actually ended up using it, got distracted by a yak shave.

Still cost me $24.43, this free tier db.

I really enjoy Last Week Tonight, but it just hit me. The show is basically Family Guy for people who like to think they are smart.

3-4 minutes of plot followed by 30 seconds of absurdist derail, written by manatees randomly picking topics written on balls.

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