Takes some real front to sorrowfully refer to someone as "the poor woman", to performatively sympathise with her family because the truth she wanted revealed was revealed, all while calling her a liar.

Like, I want a code review system that tells me "Don't worry about these several hundred lines of a typoed identifier changing and the unnecessary parentheses being removed from these attributes. But take a look at this conditional expression right here where true became false"

I would never found a startup.

Particularly not a software developer tooling startup.

But if I _did_ it would be a PR tool that integrates lexers and static analysers to filter out code style changes from diffs and allow potentially breaking changes to be focused on.

Imagine a sizeable chunk of a nation deciding to stan for Mark Zuckerberg.

Feature Request for Zoom: A timeline of who spoke when. Not a transcript, just whose audio got through at timestamp. It'd be messy, probably, but it would also help identify who was the offensive zoom bomber.

Doing a 1:1 and describing the career path of a friend (into tech) and the dude says "Oh she's a woman? That would have made it easier" and there was this gap of silence where I realised he wasn't being sardonic, just colossally naive.

They said "The Dunning-Kruger effect probably isn't real" and the entire Australian political class said "Hold my stubbie".

There are 147 people RSVPd to my event tonight and I can assure you the past 36 hours have not been a chaotic mess at all.

When the Bunyip Fascists have brought about the kakocracy they'll build a temple to themselves, with bronze statues of their most chthonic figures. In the back will be the Tomb of the Unknown Staffer, no longer required to shoulder the blame. Never Forget.

I wonder if people would still moon over Google Reader if they'd had the opportunity to be brigaded by a g*merg*te of Joker wannabes. Its reputation remains intact because - in a Closing Doors moment - it was killed rather than have more social tacked on by a Product Manager.

Apropos of not much, I am sure, but I noticed recently one of the local clubs in Liverpool is still, 10 years on, flying their "Who voted for a license to punt?" banner. Another mendacious campaign fought in the name of the working class.


"Is this what the compiler wants? Nope. How about this? Nope. Nope. Nope. Oh look, this compiles... but it is gibberish."

I can't say I was ever *that* comfortable with pointers, but back when I used c I could get by. Twenty years of immersing myself in c# later I'm trying to use pointers in golang and I might as well be writing in Linear A.

Internet friendships are basically just Westerns, except with decades-old in-jokes. And snark.


c isn't a programming language. It's just markup for an AST.

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