"I can assure you Mr Speaker, that were I not being financially incentivised that there is no way at all, no way, Mr Speaker, that I would have done any of the useless, bullshit jobs I have performed over the entirety of my career. Mr Speaker, not a one of them."

I saw a video this morning described as an Alaskan school going nuts as one student win gold in Tokyo. All they were doing was hopping and cheering. I felt like saying “that’s not nuts. _This_ is nuts” and then I realised. Australia knifey-spooneyed the Olympics.

.I expect the LNP are watching the ALP turn itself into a minor Tory party and are planning their 2022 election slogan. Something like “Why settle for the lesser evil?”

Very much amused that the music played as the fencers walk out to compete is The Imperial March.

I tried not to watch the Olympics, because fuck the IOC.

But the gymnastics drew me in and what I have discerned is that Russia has shown up wearing a scraggly week-old moustache and fake glasses because technically they are banned.

What is it with Boomers and their susceptibility to conspiracies? I blame all the lead they breathed in from their petrol.

It’d be rad if Jamesons would take their ad off the air in Sydney. No, I’m not coming for a fucking drink!

What she really desires is a conversation about the extent to which you should not die in order to provide her a quantum of additional comfort. We all eventually have no money either; so can we take considerably more of her money immediately?

Is it better for the environment if billionaires burn up on re-entry or explode during lift off?

Well...Ford might not have, but a lot of cities started banning horses because they left behind so much pollution wherever they went, both horseshit and dead horses.

We should see if we can get Matt regulated using those statutes on horseshit.


I for one welcome more lockdown. More I say! Such a relief having the extroverts locked up and not yawping at me.

I will never not be mad when I see this pattern. I assure you, I have my own identity outside of my job. There are only 37.5 hours a week during which I will pretend to give a shit about the company I work for.

Allison Mack and Bill Cosby are quite a juxtaposition.

Are we sure the crab grabbed the sponge? Could it be this is a half arsed carcinisation, but the sponge couldn't actually be bothered evolving into a crab, it just grabbed one to wear? It is the fashion, after all...


Thinking back to all the organisations I’ve worked at that play music. Sometimes at near club-level volumes.


As an extra special addition to the welcome pack for the new starters I inducted on Monday we gave them a possible casual exposure to Covid 19. 🎉

blog.waleedkhan.name/git-undo/ seems to go against the spirit of git, which is to as widely as possible distribute the experience of being yelled at by Torvalds for doing c wrong.

Normal person: “It’s solstice, the longest night of the year.”

Me, who has had outages to move production databases between data centres go three+ hours over allowed time, takes drag on durrie: “yeah.”

The cynical translation of Alex Hawke’s press release is they are buying time until everyone gets relaxed and comfortable again and then they’ll quietly ship the family back offshore.

Cynical yes? Accurate? Probably.

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