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The upload_media call on Mastodon's ruby gem is broken as all hell. My syncing script is using urls until I can work it out.

Over-engineered solutions to first world non-problems is yet another definition of programming.

Worked around the ssh issue by just scp’ing files I wanted to move (full of API keys) to a third computer and then onto the new computer.
All this to allow me to sync statuses to Mastodon and Twitter.

Brand new Ubuntu installation. Install OpenSSH server, open port 22 on firewall. Nothing external can connect. Disable firewall. Still nothing.

I really don’t like Linux.

I am going to extraordinary lengths to solve a problem without doing a lot of work; probably expending more effort than the work I am avoiding which I believe is the definition of programming.

The parking lots at Olympic Park after two events finish at the same time are some real Lord of the Flies shit.

If you were a hardware hacker is the tendency of bike share startups to leave mucroprocessors on the street a pretty good deal?

So....boardies-and-thongs party outside whichever Liberal Party function Morrison is at when the Government gets turfed out this year?

Sometimes it turns out the thing you thought you should be doing isn't the thing you should be doing. Or at least, not the way you're doing it.

When Harley is trying to say “ho ho ho” it is wise to confirm that she has not acquired a machine gun.

I loathe horror but I also rather enjoy sff fiction where the protagonist is left utterly emotionally scourged. Go figure.

Oh look, the new Seth Dickinson book is out. Hello.

Wanted: The Odyssey or Beowulf recited with the same metre and rhythm as Run-DMC “It’s Like That”

Coals are lighting up to smoke some beans, and then later, some chicken.

Lamda does Scheduled Execution, but that's cron, not delayed execution.
SQS could almost be bent into shape with Message Visibility, but it would need something else on the end to handle cancellation. And there's a ceiling on the delay, five minutes I think.
But if I had to build this thing myself, that's might be how I'd do it, because I don't want to have to work with Quartz.

I want a cloudshit, Delayed Execution As A Service.

Invoke a function (Lambda or whatever) with payload X but it doesn't actually get run until after Y ms. Receive back an id Z, which can be used to cancel the execution if needed.

It's basically for an escalation system - unless an ACK is received after a few minutes, escalate alert to the next recipient. Right now there are workers polling to see if they need to do anything, which is sub-optimal.

I know, it's good, legitimate science.

But still, I wonder.

Was the decision to give the octopi molly made while on molly?

Stupid idea - database migrations powered by git diff. All tables have to be defined as files in a repo as CREATE TABLE statements
To create migrations it runs `git diff master..`. Any new rows are added to the migration as `alter table add` statements. Any changed rows are alter column statements, etc. Such a dumb idea that I've already created the git repo for my joke implementation.

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