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I feel like I’ve taken a train into Mordor. A pall of smoke covering South West Sydney, the sun nothing but a angry red eye behind it.

Hope the LNP and ALP have enjoyed their time at the trough while shovelling coal onto the flames.

Sure, it’s a Monday. It’s also a First Day In Four Weeks The Client Hasn’t Been Sitting Next To Me Day.

Chickened our of reciting the first lines of Beowulf in Old English tonight to introduce a talk - thought it might be too played out.

Elon doesn’t like to admit that in cyberpunk he’s the bad guy, part one million

I was working on some of my code today on a day off, trying to get mRandelbot to stop generating images along the i=0 line.

Changing my mind though and going to just watermark a dedication to their biggest fan in each one.

Twitter in the mornings is mostly an opportunity to wonder ‘What ddI the arsehole say now?’

Forgot to grab my phone when I left home so today I am trialing u using an iPhone 11 - albeit one slightly smaller than standard - by using my MacBook as a phone

Looking for a vast and endless sea, so that I might feel more interested in building a ship.

I finished Gideon the Ninth yesterday and I remain fucked up.

Irony, thy name is an SEO team sending me their IP for an image.

Trying to think up things about the technology industry that annoy me, but having trouble keeping it light and amusing rather than threatening to guillotine the audience.

Leopard with human nose still stuck between teeth says “no, I’m not the face eating kind? You’re being a bigot.”

Ok, I have binged Daybreak and yes, Samira Dean, I will follow you.

Can everyone invite D to sign up to something with amusing password requirements, because her squeaky lost-voice outrage is hilarious.

I _may_ have fixed the bug in my script syncing notes to Mastodon and spammed my timeline with a bunch of updates 😐

Karaage chicken and waffles, with maple syrup and berries on the side. How’s your morning?

As one of the foremost philosophers of our time said recently, hope is a dangerous thing for a Wallaby fan to have

As a person incapable of conversing with strangers it makes perfect sense to have a hobby that involves preparing and being responsible for a night of interaction with 60-100 strangers. :chef-kiss:

A show depicting depressed and lonely old people growing increasingly happier as they interact with 4 year olds? I think the ABC has been buying profile data on D from Facebook. Tears before the opening credits.

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