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I am pretty sure D just said “there! Back and to the left. Back, and to the left.”

D and tWM currently linking screen caps from Netflix’s Cheer with red string trying to prove Sherbs was On Mat at Daytona.

Never going to tell my Mum what “af” means. Too funny.

Just offered advice to D along the lines of “no, should be no problems running a cable from the patch panel to the switch.”

Have now gotten into the brace position. I’m not saying you should. But I have.

Last night I dreamed we were racing to get to the launch site to escape the planet before Some Apocalypse and at the last minute realised going into space was crazy because we’d either die of cancer from the radiation or being eaten when the food ran out.

A friend said, in passing during a talk I was watching "You don't want to have to write your own messaging service, do you gilmae" and I don't think she knew that that meant I was going to write my own messaging service.

I am definitely biased against open office and inclined to believe any evil about them - however, the idea that collaboration has no redeeming value? Come on, be serious.

'Hazard Reduction' feels like it is becoming as much a shibboleth as 'base load'

On Wednesday I am going to update my job title on LinkedIn to Netrunner, with an interface of 8.

So that was an entirely pointless cinematic exercise

I am about to see Cats.

Before now, t he most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.

Oh my god. At the window. Those faces!!

“What flavour are the margaritas you’re drinking?”


“Go live is 3-15 hours from now. That’s as specific as I can get, I’m waiting for a plane to land.”

Somehow, despite loving Connection, I’ve never in the last 25 years heard any other song on the album.

Now the fucking thing has been on repeat all morning, I may need help soon.

I don’t know what I could do with 1.5 TB of memory, but if someone wants to front me $85k for it and the rest, I’d be willing to find out.

My family want me to tell them things to buy me, so I'm creating a wishlist on Amazon. Can't seem to find 'The rise of fully automated luxury gay space communism' in their catalogue though

I’m sure there are some very nice people working the land.

However, I, a city-dweller, have been subsidising farmers for as long as I’ve been a tax payer.

And in return they keep sending deadshits to Government who insist on fucking over farmers and city dwellers alike.

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