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Train Announcer: Could someone next to that open door just give it a little pull for me.


Atlassian rejected me. Like, six _weeks_ after I applied. 🙄 You only get one chance to make a first impression, recruitment team.

Signs you have just given up on ever being a good typist: Your shell profile has the aliases runy and nom

Helping at an intro programming class, and I was confronted with this.

“Some programmers like new lines before braces, some like it without. have found a new way and it’s....something Goya-esque.”

Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what can your country even do?

It is just not possible to take these people seriously. Take seriously the situation we find ourselves in with them in power. Treat it with caution. The government though? Too immature, too inane.

Oh you better believe the “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” section reaches out and grabbed me by the eyeballs.

Now at that intergnostic point where I recognise some bus drivers on my line, but not by name. Only by personalities I have assigned them. So, friendly Sikh man who waits when I am not quite at the stop, and lady who thinks she’s Fangio.

This is my cat, Draco.

This is also now a screenshot from my head canon music video for Redbone’s Come and Get Your Love.

V’landys is the kind of name you’d give the ruthless antagonist overlord in a certain kind of fantasy series.

I've been cooking using an oven for the better part of thirty years now. Just once before I die I'd like to open the oven door and remember to _not_ lean down into the cloud of steam.

My understanding is today one of Murdoch's professional clickbaiting shit stirrers said the quiet part loud and reavealed Whiteness is a political position. Although at this stage, they don't feel like they need to get the whistling very high-pitched any longer.

People I follow are in town for React Conf when to Frankies and appear to have enjoyed it and I can’t work out if this is a deeper level of irony than I can reach or if you just need to be an order of magnitude younger than I.

I suspect there has to be a mistake here because even with our usual low usage vs the Australian summer on our panels, that’s quite a gap between generation and usage

Another day of spraying spot fires with bursts of non-conducting fire retardant - like they use in a big data centre - leading up to Sydney Tech Leaders is done. We had someone from New Zealand! Our fame spreads. Like data. In a big data centre, one that I have been in.

I wrote code for new employer to automate part of the new development environment setup, because documenting it was Too Many Words.

Now I realise the process for PRs is unknown to me. Starts

All tech organisations should be required, by federal legislation if need be, to put a banner on the wall where new technical employees are definitely going to see it reading either "Gitflow yo!"or Gitflow? Fuck that shit!

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