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Slow roasted lamb shoulder last night equals shepherds pie tonight.

Ok, Apple have decided not to ask for my money ever again. Let's check out small Android phones...oh, the definition of small is up to 5.3 inches. I wonder if my Nokia 3310 still works.

A song the Apple ML algo has decided to place in the weekly “upbeat music” playlist, and is there a more High Goth track in their entire catalogue?

Next week should feature something wrist-slashing off the Pornography album to really complete the cognitive dissonance.

Watched the penultimate episode of season 3 of Ozark.

tWM: “if you two worked for a drug cartel...”

me: “Yes, I would have you killed.”

tWM: “OMG!!! That wasn’t what I was going to ask. OMG!!!!”

She’s either cosplaying as a zombie or she’s conducting a night raid on the toddler to persuade him to give his poor mother and father a break.

Turnip prices have become a hot topic at the dinner table.

The toddler next door is having a meltdown and I want to place an order of some whisky for his parents.

A take the temperature of which is a wave function that reveals it's nature per observer: COBOL is a perfectly fine language, both intrinsically and with which to run all of these systems. It is capitalism that is bad.

D made masks. I picked the gothest fabric she had on hand.

Apple Music has a new automatic playlist, Get Up!, a playlist of upbeat tracks I have previously liked and the fourth and fifth song s on the list are Portishead and The Cure.


Ph'nglui mglw'nafh deadgar S'ydney wgah'nagl fhtagn

Draco got caught on the rain. Now snuggling up to the warm laptop charger.

My Brazilian alter ego, Gilmar, is getting some twitter attention again. Not sure if he/she is anti-Bolsonaro or pro.

I cannot seem to find out how John Spilsbury died. But he was only 30 and the air of mystery would seem to confirm that the inventor of the time machine is alive today, confined in a house due to the virus lockdown, and being forced to do fucking jigsaw puzzles

I have now spent the better part of six months implementing a micropub system as an exercise in learning other things and I will never cease to be unnerved about the gaping holes in specificity in the specification.

Some more smoked brisket, in the smoker for 32 hours. Although....I didn’t manage to get up during the night to feed more coals in, so the coals burnt out and the temperature dropped. I’m not sure what effect that has.

She got to have Mr Whippy instead. Good timing. Must remember to tell John that trick.

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