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“One of them is upside down,” I said, and for a brief moment she believed me.

I’m wary of co-opting or reducing a legitimate movement through flippancy. I am 💯 percent behind defunding police departments.

But also, abolish cars in cities and towns.

Poutine, inspired by an old Hartsyard recipe book.

That sauce!

Just raised my voice to tell D that I would be with her in a minute as soon as "I finish dealing with one shitbag after another" referring to the cats. Then realised tWM was in the room with me. On a work call.

'Coq (French for rooster, yes, the authors knew what they we doing when they named it that) is a theorem proving assistant'. Yeah, nice to know that particular bullshit is also in the FP community. And by nice, I mean it is pretty fucked.

Happy birthday Donna!

I got you a COVID-19 test.

My thrill at seeing that launch and the stage automatically returning to land is tempered by the fact it’s Shitbag Musk.
But to name a craft as if it’s part of The Culture? If Musk were any more antithetical to the values of The Culture they’d sic an SC agent on him.

Ok, netgear router and/or Mac OS and/or Ubuntu; you've defeated me. I cannot work out why I cannot reach websites hosted on the ubuntu machine from the mac machine no matter what fucking port I run them on. Fuck it, I'll have to host it in heroku or Azure.

Alternatively these looters _could_ have accepted a fuck ton of VC money to create startups to disrupt these businesses. /giphy Sad Paul Graham.

It appears something interesting has happened in the world of corrupt right wing Brazilian judges/ministers if my notifications is any indication.

If I owned a Komodo dragon I would call it Rand al’Thor.

I just mentally worked through an analogy comparing a project I am involved with to Paradise Lost but I got stuck on who is Lucifer, me or another team member.

There are instructions for installing the Visual Basic 6 IDE on a Windows 10 machine.

Ask me how I know.

Not just one accessible parking spot, not two....five.

“Good bloodlines”?

I mean, at that point why _not_ just recite the 14 words?

My quarterly electricity bill just arrived. $26CR. Current balance is $358CR.

I wonder if they will just cut me a cheque at some point.

We’ve been watching the Marvel movies in In Universe Chronological order. Just watched Endgame and one more time I ask, just what is the structural integrity of Thanos vs those spaceships Carol Danvers flies through?

I’m pretty radicalised at the mere idea of being isolated and Bad Cop/Worse Cop’d by Potato’s goons, and I’m not even facing daily discrimination by totally not racist Australian society.

The last twelve months has been a heavy rotation of Metric, Tove Lo, Elliphant, and The Sounds.

Then today I notice Cowboy Junkies have a new studio album and new live album and yes, one of these is not like the others, but they are fantastic.

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