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IP laws have to be the only thing preventing there being a iOSAmp that could then integrate with the Winamp Skin Museum ( Swipe left and right to toggle between Milkdrop visualiser and the player interface. Swipe down to get to the equaliser.

Won't it be funny if Google and Facebook actually restrict links to Australian news sources to just the ABC and SBS.

Tripped over and kicked something on Tuesday evening. Hurt like hell.

Looks like the bruising is finally arriving.

Oh you don't have two weeks leave because you live in the land of the free? Guess you should have had a union.

Tech doesn't do strikes, because apparently they're all too smart and important to be exploited or something and don't need unions and solidarity.
But what if we all simultaneously took two weeks leave?

The child just asked D if she has a strap-on.

Ice pack.

Had to call NRMA because my car wouldn’t start after someone came out to do a pre-sale detail on it. Thought it might be battery or maybe the oil filter got water on it or something.

Nope, just engine flooded with fuel.

How’s your day been?

"I can't get you another tea unless you drink that one."
"I know, but I have to watch out for the witches"

We do breakfast kinda hardcore.

There are many ways 2020 can get worse, One very very minor way is every daydream I've ever had of The Culture or Star Trek being real has to contend with Elon Musk coming out with the douche bro version of all their ideas.

If I were ever to lose my moral and ethical centre and go duck shooting with Bonnie, I’d have to make sure I only shot the shoe-shaped ducks if I wanted her to retrieve them.

Reading an article about Rugby League which keeps referring to it as a working-class sport, and I just can't hold a straight face at the absurdity. Maybe in the 1890s it was working men seizing the means of production. Today? It is pure, exploitive, rent-seeking capitalism.

Get you an organisation that is hoping that if it just randomly applies time and heavenly essences to chaos, an ancient rock will give birth and everything will be ok.

The dog is watching tWM very carefully while food is prepped, ready to gather up any dropped vittles. Saliva dangling from both sides of her mouth like she's a drool walrus and they are her moist, wobbly tusks.

Unhappy teams are all alike; every happy team is happy in its own way.

Had to tell tWM not hand over her username and password to a WhatsApp message ostensibly from her manager because that sound she could hear was the IT security team weeping.

One of my regular baristas has hay fever, but doesn’t want people to think she is lying about not having Covid. So she’s telling people her husband left her and she cried all night.
I mean, the logic is impeccable.

Have spent a morning trying to boil two and a half centuries of racism in Australia into 3-4 PowerPoint slides for the social justice effort at my employer. There’s knowing this shit and then there’s reading page after page, a litany of instances.

For all processes that need to be performed, there are 10^x opportunities for a human to make a mistake, where x is the number of manual steps that need to be performed.

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