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I get that journalists and newsletter writers and public philosophers are always going to lean towards believing writing out 1000 words is helpful. That's their thing!

But it is so adorable that so many people still believe in the Locke and Demosthenes scenes.

Gig economy jobs are a free market web that catches people before the tax-payer funded safety net can save them from being trapped, wrapped, and sapped dry by vampire squid like this goon.

Which is pretty awful when you think about it.

As a neutral I very much would like to see Richmond lose, 25 to 114

You, a normal human: “What’s new?”

Me, a transactional conversationalist: “uhhhh...” while trying to remember what’s happened since we spoke last.

Seeing my own bot show up in my timeline via retweets of random third parties.

Achievement unlocked!

A question like “What excites you about working at X” is basically a flashing neon sign that reads “CLOSE THE FUCKING APPLICATION; THESE PEOPLE SUCK!!”

TIL you can still get dial up internet accounts in Australia, and D knows someone using one.

Apparently I’m wrecking my cats’ lives by not ensuring each meal is a different flavour.

Somebody call the RSPCA.

I have the best, most secure password, it’s so secure I can’t even enter it properly, not even when I type carefully.

Being a fan of phone-sized phones, you just know when you hear Apple is releasing a phone named “Mini” it will be surf board sized.

In the cold light of day, I suppose I am glad the All Blacks didn’t lose yesterday. I don’t like to think what a lose would have done to Jacinda’s chances this weekend.

Me just now: “take the draw. It’s basically a win!”

Ugh, it’s that time of year where I am stuck in a weird kind of prisoners dilemma. There is no sight more delicious than Eddie McGuire seeing Collingwood lose, even more so when it’s that Grand Final. But with such reward comes great risk, they might win.

So basically the government has given Australia another kick in the guts. And still another three months left of this cursed year. *sigh*

About to bake cakes. For a joke.

I can’t really describe the joke. It’s such an in joke that it would need additional spatial dimensions to facilitate any more in-ness.

But it sure as hell makes me laugh, and that’s what’s important.

They all know me at the coffee shop. Handed me my drink just now and said 'See you soon.' I mean, come on...true, but leave me my dignity, please.

c# developers will twist themselves into knots to use strongly typed model rather than just a dict.

An absolutely terrible idea for a show that I would definitely watch, Grand Designs Comp Sci. An amiable computer scientist visits people over the years and reports on their crazy beautiful hobby projects.

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