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I draw some faint hope from this idiotic statement. If we’re down to “it wasn’t great for the convicts either” it suggests, maybe, that he detects the widespread acceptance it was catastrophic for the first peoples.

That’s actually an improvement.

I cannot tell a lie, I have also said in few daily standups "I will be working from early in the morning until late at night and will be on many calls and in many meetings."

Mark my words, in 4 years I will be celebrating my 0x10th wedding anniversary and @randomknits will once again be questioning her life choices.

Michael McCormack is what you get when you wish on a monkey's paw for more comment from the country's political leadership.

It'd be awfully nice if the Prime Minister exercised some of *his* freedom of speech to say to the people of Australia, the nation he allegedly leads, "Hey, a lot of what jokers like Craig Kelly are saying is bullshit."

Anyway, I continued fooling with that interpreter. I didn't _decide_ to go without for loops, as such, but once I realised there weren't any and that I needed one, and that it was quixotic of me not to have any, I of course dug my heels in and refused to add one.

I wonder if the fools toying with importing political stylings from failed states into Australia, ideas like nurturing conspiracy theories, are having second thoughts today.

Worked through Thorsten Ball's Writing an Interpreter in Go last week, and now I'm noodling around with extensions. Got functionality to import library files this afternoon. Absurdly happy with myself  🙄

Finally finished Day 20 of Advent of Code after cheesing it the first time. That was...something. This is also the first year I've completed all 25 days. Props to @ericwastl

I don’t mind so much the neighbours having loud music at their parties. I don’t even kind that it’s is karaoke.

Just....can it at least be music released *this* millennium?

2020 can keep my name out of its thin mouth.

One of my Christmas gifts was the recipe for a cocktail named "Faint comfort is better than no comfort at all, you see? Her world is very cold, and this is the thing she warms herself over with.”

Is good. Is very good. Like a heart coal. Hat tip to @shinobipaws.

The others are asleep in post-xmas lunch torpor. 39 minutes till Advent of Code 2020 finishes.

It is with no small shame that I admit I cheesed Day 20 just like @lizthegrey. Still fiddling with trying to get the tiles together, even now.

13:17 xmas day - my first Wham of the year.

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